This Hard Hitting Letter By A Student To KTR Will Make You Rethink On Current Education System!


Day by day, we see a lot of things are changing. Right from technology to the political situations there have been a lot of changes we are seeing in our day to day life. Yet, we still learn about the same old history in our text books. There are lot more innovations, lot more discoveries and a lot more successful stories, but we still read the same old data and mug up random facts. Everyone of us, at least once in our life we came across this thought of changing the education system. But never took any step in that path. And finally some has raised his voice and conveyed his views on current education system to Minister KTR.

Taking up this issue to twitter, Sankalp Gora – a 10th grade CBSE student shared his views on twitter with our IT minister KTR. He expressed his views on how the syllabus is not updated and not relevant to the current trend. When other countries are going forward with research oriented learning, we are still stuck with memorizing random facts. He explained in detail about the current subjects.

KTR, replied to him saying that he also felt the same while he was studying. He promised him that he ll discuss this issue with the Education minister and come up with some better educational reforms!!


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