Here’s How The Uniquely Beautiful ‘Kondapalli Bommalu’ Were Revamped To Modern Day Designs!


“Kondapalli Bommalu” are the pride of Telugu people and is an art form that has been carried on for generations. Be it the toys inspired from the modern-day man or ancient mythological characters, the artisans from Kondapalli have their own unique style of creating them. But, due to the modern-day hustle bustle, these toys have lost their glory to the shining new Chinese toys. Thanks to Globalization and open markets, these handicraft heroes are facing difficulties in keeping their art alive.



Enter the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh along with Development Commissioner (Handicrafts). Realizing the need for a change over and helping the local talent, they have come up with an intervention program. Focusing on the need for change in designs and improvising on the old styles they have re-invented the look of these toys with modern-day makeovers. Designer Aravind Jashua, also a strong supporter of handmade Khadi garments, was roped in to get it right.



He says that the idea of making the toys with national flavors was inspired by watching products from states like Punjab and Rajasthan where the designs were quirky, but lacked the right color contrast. He also drew inspiration from the Hyderabadi auto-rickshaw designs at Moghalpura by a local artist named Habib.


He says that similar inspirations from states across the country had helped him to revamp the designs without harming the authenticity of these toys.


These new revamped Kondapalli toys will soon be seen in outlets of “Lepakshi”, in both the Telugu states including Hyderabad. We hope to see these toys soon enough in the stores and re-establish their prominence in the handicrafts sector throughout the country.



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