Konda Pochamma Sagar Reservoir Racha: How This Place Became Hyd’s Favorite Weekend Spot Despite Corona


Weekend osthe em cheyali?
Hyderabadi’s: Ventane Car eskuni KondaPochamma reservoir ki vellipovali!

Konda Pochamma Sagar Reservoir – ee madhya baga vinapadthuna peru. Endhuku anedhi iroju manam teluskundham:


Konda Pochamma Sagar Reservoir! Location: Markook, Gajwel – Around 60kms from Hyderabad.
This Reservoir was Inaugurated by Telangana CM KCR garu on May 29, 2020. Telangana is unveiling brand new and beautiful water bodies like RR Sagar, Ranganayaka Sagar, Annapurna reservoir & KondaPochamma Sagar. All these reservoirs are part of Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS).

Godavari water will be reaching KondaPochamma sagar from Ranganayaka sagar(Siddipet). KP sagar will significantly benefit the farmers in and around Siddipet and also pumps drinking water to twin cities. You can observe the water flow from Kaleshwaram project to KP Sagar in the below map:


Why This Craze?
Firstly, Reservoir ki craze enti anukunevallantha okasari Instagram loki velli Kondapochamma Reservoir location search chesi pictures chudandi. Appudu mike ardhamavtadhi.

Corona Corona ani cheppi andharu already visigipoyi unaru and everyone badly needs a break. Coorg, Goa, Himalayas ani tirige mana cute Hyderabadi’s ki ippudu options emi lekunda chesindhi our dear Covid🤬 Plus local lo unde Osman Sagar & Himayat sagar ni chusi chusi bore kottesindhi. Nagarjuna sagar, Srisailam veldham ante long and food options chuskovali. Ivanni kakunda simple ga 4-5 hours lo velli vachesela oka tourist spot karuvaindhi. Appudu inaugurate chesarandi KondaPochamma Reservoir ni, inka appatnunchi okate badhudu 🤣

Beautiful landscapes, neat driveway, clean maintenance, rainy season and most importantly evarni ekkada touch cheyakunda velli ravachu. All these things are forcing both families and friends groups to visit KP Sagar and have a long drive wala feeling.


And manollaki photoshoots ante entha picho telsindhe ga, assale Covid valla enno plans cancel ainay. Dhaniki revenge antha ikkada tircheskuntunaru, aa road la midha padipoyi, dorlesi mari pictures tiskuntunaru.


KP Sagar periphery is 15.8 Kms, ante entha peddha boundary oo oohinchukovachu. This place is very neatly maintained, so a drive around the periphery gives us some real feels. Water on one side and lush green landscape on the other.


Mana andharki takkuva time lo oka refreshing experience istundhi and that’s the reason it is slowly emerging as beautiful tourist place. Also, if you are okay to travel another 60Kms, there is this beautiful Ranganayaka Reservoir. Both these reservoirs offers a soothing experience.


Pleasant views and accessibility are making this place a must visit for the people. But weekend mathram mad crowd untundhi, plan cheskuni vellandi.
Mi friends/family already plan chese untaru ga repatiki, do tag them in the comments section. Vititho patu, Ananthagiri hills ki kooda baga crowd ekkuvaindhi ani talk. Stay safe!
Also, do look into other nearby tourist places in and around Hyderabad here. Cheers!


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