Here’s Presenting Everything You Need To Know About The Unmatched Taste Of The Original Nellore Meals!


Nellore Meal is not a name it’s a brand. we can see several messes which run on the name of “Nellore Meals”. However, none can hope to even stand in comparison with the king of vegetarian meals, The Nellore Komala Vilas Mess!


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Komala mess on trunk road, Nellore was established 80 years ago, in 1936 by the late P.S. Venkatachalam. It is a restaurant which serves food in the mess style. Nellore’s very own variety of molagolukulu rice on banana leaves along with 16 special varieties of food items are the USP of this place. M.R.Srinivasan, the son of late Mr Venkatachalam, has preserved the legacy of this great organization. His son, N Prasad, has effectively taken up the mantle today. He makes it a point to avoid any departure from the traditional menu.


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Generally the menu consists of dal, sambar, rasam, dry curry, fry curry, fresh chutney, ghee, chips,curd, and salt chilli and an additional special curry (Vegetable Kurma on Monday, Ladies finger Pulusu on Tuesday, Avial on Wednesday, Brinjal curry on Thursday, Taro Root Pulusu on Friday, Pulihora on Saturday). As they use light spices Traditional condiments and natural vegetables in the preparation, the Food is always hygienic and clean.



Despite multitude of restaurants that have cropped up in Nellore, pilgrims who transit to Tirupati from places like Vijayawada, Guntur, Vizag, Rajamundry, Khammam, Eluru still prefer to have their meal at Komala mess as they have been maintaining the Same luscious and hygienic food since ages. The next time you happen to be in Nellore, do remember to have a meal at the Nellore Komal Vilas. You will taste true culinary beauty in its most traditional form.



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