The Placid Kolleru Lake In Eluru That You Must Visit If You Are A Bird Lover!


Kolleru Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in India located 15 kilometers away from the city of Eluru. Kolleru is located between Krishna and Godavari deltas spanning two districts – Krishna and West Godavari. Kolleru Lake is the best place for nature lovers and for people looking for peace and tranquility. It is often compared with the Dal lake of Kashmir and the Loktak lake of Manipur.



The vast lake, a haven for tourists, is fed by the water from Budameru and Tammileru streams, which is in turn connected to the Krishna and Godavari delta by many in-flowing drains and channels.



The lake is a major tourist attraction!
The Kolleru Bird Sanctuary, that covers about 673 square kilometers of marsh land, is situated adjoining the lake. For those interested in bird watching, Kolleru Bird Sanctuary is a must-visit as it is a home to many migratory birds from Australia, Siberia, Egypt and Philippines. Kolleru is famous for its grey pelicans.



What is Kolleru now?
Thousands of fish tanks were dug up effectively converting the lake into a mere drain. This had great impact in terms of pollution, leading to difficulty in getting drinking water for the local people. Additionally, the loss of ecological diversity and intrusion of sea water into the land masses and its fallout in terms of adverse influence on the rainfall pattern in this region is a major cause for concern. This imbalance has an adverse effect on the thousands of acres of crop lands in the upper reaches of the sanctuary. This is due to stoppage of water flow into the sea because of obstruction by the bunds of the fish tanks that appeared illegally.



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