10 Times When Virat Kohli Showed Us That He Is The Ultimate King Of Savagery


There are people with good comebacks, and people who are savage. And then there is Virat Kohli, the king of ultimate savagery. He gives it back instantly to anyone who messes with him. So we compiled some of his best savagery comebacks for you. (We’ve limited the list, because censor).


1. India vs England, 2016

When Virat’s fingers shut not just Ben Stokes, but the entire England.


2. India vs Australia, 2016

When Kohli mimimcked Steve Smith.


3. India vs Australia, 2017

Kind of thing, ONLY Kohli could do.


4. India vs Sri Lanka , 2013

When Kohli gave the epic flying kiss to Anushka Sharma


5. India vs Australia, 2016

When Kohli went ‘Vinapadalaa..’ mode to crowd and James Faulkner


6. This is definitely Kohli’s favorite pose.


7. I mean, clearly. (His reply to Joe Root’s Bat-Drop)


8. When He kissed his wedding ring & dedicated 150 runs against SA, 2018.


9. This ultimate meme during India vs Bangladesh, 2017.


10. And, the most controversial ‘middle-finger’ pose in India vs Australia, 2011.


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