This Awesome Video Will Give You A Clue To The Secret Behind Kohli’s Fitness!


First things first. Check out this ad for Muve Acoustics featuring Virat Kohli.


I know what you are feeling. What IS this man made of? How can he pull off a work out routine like that? Virat’s commitment towards his game is widely known. What most of us may not be aware of is how much. Not many people remember that not so long ago, Virat’s form was questioned after a few lack-lusture performances. It was then that he decided to take fitness a lot more seriously than he already did. He began training to run wearing an ‘Elevation Training Mask’.



What this mask does is that it makes breathing extra hard. Running on a treadmill with this mask on will have even a fit athlete gasping for breath. Eventually, this kind of training improves an athletes lung capacity. This will benefit the athlete’s endurance overall. This training will ensure that Virat will now be able to play for longer without feeling tired at all. Now you know why he keeps scoring all those big hundreds. Check out this video and watch him go.


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