How This Mechanical Engineering Graduate From Khammam Made An Electric Car That Gives 300KMs Range With A Single Charge

Car konadam oka dream aythe, dhani maintain cheyadam inko dream. Peruguthunna fuel chargers chusthunte cars maintain chesthunna vallandharki oka salaam kottalani undandi.. Fuel usage and chargers nunchi manam thappinchukovali ante manaki unna only and the best alternative electric cars, mana middle class people evaraina car thiskovali ante first adige question “Idi mileage enthisthundi..?” So electric car + mileage, ee renditini kalipi the best innovative chesaru mana Telugu young graduate..

B tech Mechanical Engineer from Khammam..

Garlapati Rakesh a Mechanical engineer from Khammam designed a retrofitted electric car that can give around 300 km with fully charged batteries..

Okkasari full charge chesthe 300 km varaku mileage..

Patha fuel car ni modify chesi dhantlo electric batteries ni petti Rakesh garu ee retrofitted EV ni thayaru chesaru, dhintlo 15 kilowatt motor and prismatic lithium batteries ni fit chesaru, ee batteries ni full charge cheyadaniki 5 to 10 electric units avasaramu, ala okkasari full charge chesthe around 300 kilo meters varaku car mileage isthundi..

Garlapati Rakesh garu said that.. ” Ee vintage model car ni nenu redesign chesi electric motor and batteries ni fit chesanu, design and fabricate cheyadaniki 1 month pattindi and it is entirely hand made. Ee car ki around Rs 3 lakh varaku spent chesanu, inthaku mundhu kuda nenu 2019 lo electric bike ni thayaru chesanu, ippudu nenu Khammam lone oka start up firm petti fossil fuel vehicles ni redesign and convert chesi EV’s ga marchali ani, and kontha mandi engineer graduates ki employment ichi kotha electric vehicles ni kuda thayaru cheyali anukuntunna..”

Four running modes in the car..

Ee 4 seated car ki four running modes unnai, reverse, normal, eco and fast mode. Normal mode lo 0-25 km per hour varaku, eco mode lo 0-50 km per hour speed varaku and fast mode lo car top speed 80 km per hour varaku velthundi, prathi mode lo vehicle acceleration ni specified speed limit untundi..

Paired with a mobile phone through bluetooth..

Car battery management system mana mobile phone ki bluetooth through pair ayi untundi, it provides the complete status of each cell in the battery like its life, charging level and others.

Okavela battery lo edhaina errors and defects unte remedial action thiskovadaniki immediate ga mana mobile ki alerts ni isthundi..

Test and approve standards for electric vehicles

Entire equipment and parts used in making the car are procured from manufacturers certified by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) and International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT)

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