From 1st Ever Case In India To Just 23 Cases Now, Here’s How Kerala Flattened It’s ‘Corona Virus Curve’


May 8th tho India lo first ever Corona case confirm ayyi exactly 100 days ayyindi. It was detected in Kerala.


Who is the first Corona patient in India:

The infected patient from Kerala is a student of Wuhan University.

So, After 100 days, On May 8th, Kerala only reported 1 positive case in 24 hours and has flattened the curve.


Here’s a brief summery of Corona cases in Kerala:

Total cases: 505

Recovered: 485

Active: cases: 23

Deaths: 4


As of today, 10th of May, 2 new cases have been reported in the state.

CM of Kerala took it Twitter to announce the progress the citizens:

Kerala’s finance minister, Thomas Isaac tweeted that the state is even ready to fight the 3rd wave of the virus:


The CM said that, ‘Kerala has shown great courage’.


Here’s a date-to-date breakdown of how Kerala dealt with the virus and lockdown:

Jan 30: First ever case was reported

March 20: 2nd wave has started

March 23: State goes into complete lockdown

May 8: 472 out of the 502 are now recovered. States’s numbers are now among the world’s best.


How did Kerala do it:

While there were series of intense measures that were taken, Here are the impactful steps taken by Kerala govt that helped in flattening the curve:

1. Rigorous contact tracing

2. Case isolation

3. Strict lockdown

4. Quality care & Community engagement

5. Early aggressive testing


This is not just it. There are still tests going on in the state everyday.


This is not the first time Kerala has shown the world how to deal with a disaster, We have witnessed how Kerala dealt with the deadly Nipah virus and the Floods in 2018.

One step at a time, Kerala is setting an example.


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