Keerthy Suresh’s Hysterical Laugh Face Is The New Meme Trend & No One Knows Why!


One of the weirdest things that can happen to someone is to become a MEME face on the internet. A photograph of that person is taken out of context, remade and repurposed into something else. We’ve seen too many meme faces of our actors. Manolle manollanu troll cheskovadam chusaam..Most of this happens during fan wars with actors’ photos, but rarely we get to see actresses as meme faces. Kaani, idhe time lo , evadu start chesado emo kaani, actress Keerthy Suresh has become the new meme face on the internet. Fans proud ga ‘expressions queen’ ani piluchukuntunna time lo, thana oka pic ee range lo viral aithundi ani evadu uuhinchaledhu..

The actual pic is from an interview she gave to a Tamil channel for Pongal, last year, where Keerthy hysterically laughs during the show. Interestingly, within seconds, aa expression cut chesesthadhi.. Since then, ee two reactions oka pic ga chesi, adhoka meme laga trend chesaru.. (PS: troll pic kaadhu). Here’s that pic:

For meme lovers, this pic has become unstoppable. Ee pic lo janalu kindha part ni ignore chesi, painunna typical laugh ni teeskoni memes veyadam start chesaru.. Enduku start chesaru anedhi evadiki theleedhu.. Purpose enti ante evadiki theleedhu.. Memes maatram oka range lo unaayi.. Below, we’ve compiled few of her best memes. Fans, light hearted content ga bhaavinchi, ee pictures enjoy cheyavalsindi ga korthunnam. Hurt aithunarante, mundungaane kshamimpudi..










Ee designs evadu chesthunado emo kaani, at least enduku chesthunaado chepthe kaastha maakkuda oka relief untadhi..


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