Accident Or Murder? What Really Happened To Devi?

(sent in by Jithendra)
In the early hours on Sunday, a car was found rammed into a tree somewhere in Journalist Colony, Jubilee Hills. The Car belongs to a Mr Bharat Simha Reddy. He walked away with minor injuries, but his co-passenger wasn’t so lucky. K Devi Reddy, a B-Tech student who was friends with Bharat was found dead due to her injuries. They were both returning home from a party. The police claim the incident to be an accident caused due to driving under influence of alcohol, but the eye witnesses revealed a dirty side of the incident.
Devi’s family alleges that Bharat is responsible for their daughter’s death and that the accident may just be a cover-up. Bharat refuted the allegations saying that it was just an accident. The authorities are currently investigating the case with vigor. Several conflicting eye-witnesses are claiming to have seen someone trying to pull Devi into the car just moments prior to the alleged accident. Devi’s father claims that he was able to reach his daughter over the phone until 3.20 AM and that she insisted that she was going to be back home in just a couple of minutes. That was the last time he spoke to her, he was unable to reach her number in spite of calling her repeatedly.
Devi’s close friends strongly believe that some foul play may be involved. They have taken up an active social media campaign to make sure that Devi’s case is not buried among the many such mishaps that befall our daughters and sisters today. Devi’s friends claim that the Bharat may have been under the influence of Alcohol while he was driving. They are appealing to the authorities to not to allow anybody any slack in their investigations. What was Bharat’s role in all this? Was he involved in some foul play? Was it simple drunken negligence? or, is there some darker story here? It is really hard to say at this point. It remains to the proper authorities to bring all the facts to light here.
If any foul play was really involved, then Devi’s case should not be allowed to be sidelined or forgotten. Let Justice Be Done!
Watch this video of a face-to-face interview with Devi Reddy’s father.


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