If ‘Nature Travel’ Is What Excites You… Head To Tripper’s Paradise “KASOL” Right Away!


“Dad, did you ever fight with mom?”
“4 years of Love right? Didn’t you guys had any issues with each other?”
“Ayesha, Fights or clashes they never made us apart. Infact they brought us together. We understood each other more when we were away from each other”
“Dad, why is this just happening to me? ”
“What happened?”
“Love.. It came, it conquered and it just took everyone away from each other.”
“Chalo.. Our stop is here.. We ll talk about it later.. Lets explore the roots and leaves of Kasol. ”

Kasol, one of the picture square village located on the banks of Parvati river in the peaceful abode of Himachal Pradesh in North India. This quiet and tranquil place is nested in the Himalayas and is much more than a delight for all the bag packers. The place is also know as Mini Israel. There are abundant treks and mini hikes that take you to tremendously beautiful villages. Not all of them are clustered with luxury stays and world cuisine restaurants, but you’ll be surprised with the warm hospitality of the villagers and locals in the Old and the New Kasol, separated by a small bridge.


Kheer ganga trek– Kheer Ganga is one of the easiest treks and also considered as the most joyous one. It is about nine kilometres long and passes through easy trails that lead to uphill. Kheer Ganga (3050 meters) lies at the extreme end of Parvati valley and the last inhibited village while trekking to pin valley via Pin-Parvati pass. Kheerganga’s panoramic skies and vast greenery are a much-needed delight to the trekker’s eyes and especially the tired legs. It is a holy place with a hot water spring, a small temple of Lord Shiva and a bathing tank. It makes a rare combination for any trekker to bath in hot spring water when everything is covered by snow.


Camping on Parvati River– Gushing through the beautiful Parvati Valley, this river is one of the major attractions in Kasol. The beaming river waters, pristine valleys and pleasing landscapes make this place heavenly. This is one of the ideal place for camping and star gazing.


Manikaran Gurudwara – Built in between the two roaring rivers, Beas and Parvati; Manikaran Sahib is a gurudwara that welcomes hundreds of Hindu and Sikh devotees throughout the year. At the peak of Manikaran Sahib originates a hot spring that flows through the temple premises. Several devotees take a dip in this holy water and believe that it washes away their sins. The wonderful view of the valley and enchanting charm of the gurudwara is an ultimate reason to pay a visit there.


The Picture square Villages– For a feel of the rural life in these regions, visit Malana or Tosh. An isolated village 21 kms from Kasol, Malana is still untouched by modern lifestyle. One of the oldest democracies of the world, Malana people claim that they are descendants of Alexander’s army, but the claim is highly debatable. Their descent however isn’t what makes this place so popular. It’s the Malana cream – premium hashish which is popular among Israelis, Europeans and Indian youth visiting Kasol. Rules of Malana residents are strict with respect to outsiders, but the village and its beauty are a sight to behold. Rocky terrains with pleasing greenery and rural homes are both charming and peaceful.


The Israel Food – The hippie village offers you abundant options from Israeli, Italian, Chinese and Indian cuisines. Almost all places have Shakshouka, Falafel, Schnitzel, Bourekas, and the desserts at German bakeries are to die for.


“Do you want anything more?”
“I am done Dad”
“Ok.. Now tell me.. So you said you didn’t have a love story and then you said Love made your life worse.. ”
“Love killed my friend.”


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