Hey Bangalorians, This Train Journey Has The Most Surreal View Like You’ve Never Seen Before


When you ask any Telugu guy that ‘What is the best train journey that you have experienced?’, The only answer that we hear is the train journey from Vizag to araku. The valleys, the tunnels and the exclusive route through the hills and the valleys is something that we will never get bored of. That 4-hour journey is something which we all felt that it would have been better if the journey was longer. This journey is the best when we travel in the monsoon season. There is one another similar but better train journey in south India which will leave you stunned for sure.



The train journey is from yeshwantpur station (bangalore) to karwar (A place close to goa) and the train is known as karwar express with the number 16515. It starts at 7:30 AM in the morning and reaches karwar at 11:30 PM in the night. There are two trains with same name but different routes. One route is via mysore and another is via shakleshpur. The best route to travel is via shakleshpur beacause we get a chance to experience the best view of the western ghats.



The journey will be the best when traveled in monsoon just like the araku train journey. Most of the travelers take this train to go to Mangalore. We can also take this train as an option to travel to Goa but it is not preferred as the journey is very long. The train is completely a seater train but is not much bothered about because once you board the train, it is only nature and the view that you concentrate on but nothing else.




Why this journey is unique that, in the long journey there are uncountable bridges and tunnels. The best thing I personally experienced is that it was completely sunny while the train was entering the tunnel and it was raining on the other side of the tunnel. As it is a single railway line route, the train stops at random places and the view and the atmosphere that we experience is something stunning and beautiful. There is also another beautiful element in this train journey that in the major parts of the journey, we have hills from which small streams of water flow on one side of the train and we have deep valleys on the other part side of the train.




As you all know, the beauty of a place is something is not to be heard but to be experienced. All of you who are living in Bangalore, it is monsoon season and you can just travel by this train to Mangalore and this will surely be one your best train journeys.


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