12 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Karthi’s Kaidi


Telugollu love cinema more than anybody else in this world. Ee statement ni every month oka movie prove chestane untadi.. Ala recent months lo content nachi mana Telugu-ollu own cheskoni chustunna movie ‘Kaidi/ Khaidi‘. Intha kothaga teesina ee cinema lo chepkotaniki chala interesting points ye unnai, Oka look eyandi.


1. No Heroine in the film!

‘Enti cinema lo heroine ledha!’ Yes, Nenu first ilage shock ayya. But no. Ee team teeskunna plot ki, Set up ki, Asal heroine, Unda, Ledha, Avasarama ane thoughts ye mana mind loki ravu.


2. No Songs, No Romance

No Romance. Obviously, Cinema lo heroine ye ledhu ante, Romance evartho chestaru! But songs kuda levu. Ante, Plot ki, Audience ki movie watching experience ki no distractions anamata. Karthi’s Khakee (2017) kuda oka action packed thriller movie ye aina, Andhulo oka heroine, Romance, Songs kuda untayi. But indulo they stick to the genre.


3. Story happens in a single night.

Yes, Just like The director Lokesh Kanagaraj’s previou film, Maanagaram (Nagaram).. The entire story of the film happens only in a night. Ante, Okka night lo intha arachakam!


4. Still a Commercial film!

Ippatidaaka cheppina 3 points.. New and unusual ye. Ante manam regular ga chuse cinema lo undani vishayalu. But still Kaidi is a ‘Commercial’ film with the perfect mix of Plot, Emotion and Elevation.


5. The plot is set-up in just first 15 mins

Asal ee cinema matter (plot) enti.. Ane vishayam motham, Ante WHAT is the film about ane vishayam intro title pade appudu, Ante, Just 15 minutes into the film ye manaki reveal aipodhi. The rest of the film is just HOW it happens.


6. English song during intro credits

Director Lokesh uses an English song during the intro credits / Title sequence. Adhi kuda akkada ostunna visual ki manchi sync lo unna music tho manchi feel ostadi chustunte.. Even in his previous film, The intro sequence looks very interesting

Watch the trailer from 00:31 for the music


Watch from 15:16 for the music and intro credits of Nagaram


7. Both his movies tell multiple stories. Nagaram & Kaidi:

Nagaram is a proper Anthology.

Kaidi tells how different people from different backgrounds are linked to the same story from different places.


8. A sequel is confirmed

Movie ni ala cliffhanger ending lo odhilesaru mari. Yep, The director has confirmed a sequel to Kaidi.


9. References to Virumaandi (PothuRaju) & Die Hard

Be it in terms of characters or performances, Virumaandi is a huge inspiration for me. In fact, I have given credits to these two films, Virumaandi & Die Hard in Kaithi‘ said Lokesh in an interview.


10. The entire films was shot on night mode.

Yep, Motham film. I think these brilliant shots speak for themselves:



11. The film was shot in 62 days

Enti 2 months lo shooting aipoyindaa!


12. No dupes were used in stunts

Last.. But very important point to discuss. ‘A true to the genre, Action film‘ ani intha manchi peru ochina ee movie lo, Dupes ni use cheyakunda, Intha realistic fights tho theatres lo cheers, Arupulu theppincharu ante, This is an achievement.


Bonus point:

Ee movie lo oka specific BGM untadi.. Daanni manchiga observe chesthe.. It’s the sound of ‘Police Lathi’ being dragged through the rods of jail. Ante basic ga, Jails lo police lu rounds ki ochinappudu ‘Lathi’ tho iron rods meedha idhe sound chestaru.. And 10 years jail lo brathikina Dilli ki mind lo ivi thappa inkem tirugutai. This is brilliant thing I’ve observed in the movie.

Watch from 2:06 for the music

Meeku ee cinema lo em interesting anpinchindo kindha comments lo cheppandi.


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