This Teenager From Karimnagar Posted A Video Message Before Killing Himself, Because Of Humiliation!

Karimnagar district’s native Satish’s father is a farmer, who is responsible for three kids and their future. It is understandable that he was unable to pay his son’s school fee. The school instead of either understanding his situation or discussing it privately decided to humiliate the student by making him stand outside the classroom. Affected by this treatment, Satish decided to kill himself, but before doing that he left a message telling why he did what he did.

Financial stability is not a given to most people and even though education is a basic human right, most students and their parents suffer to make ends meet. Humiliating a kid in front of his friends for not having enough money is not just unprofessional but also grounds for termination. We understand that schools cannot run like a charity institution, but it’s heartbreaking to see this kind of behavior in institutions that are supposed to mold the future of our kids. Police filed a case against the school’s management, but it is all too late for the kid and his parents, is it not?
Important note: Suicide is never the answer. And by sympathizing with the kid and his family, our team isn’t condoning his behavior. It is a simple situation, which could’ve been handled without it having to end this tragically.

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