Twitter Has Brought Back Suryakantham Garu And She’s Awesome As Always!

Gundamma Katha gurthundi kada?? Andulo Gundamma gurthundi kada?? Now, she won all our Telugu hearts with that role and how! Suryakantham Garu has been an amazing influence on Telugu cinema as a reference point for any female role; be it in comedy, negative or positive. Despite her roles she only commanded love from the audience. Her warmth could be felt even without actually being in her presence. Such is her power.
Her voice, her attitude, her mannerisms they are all etched in our memory, and now with that memory applied to our technology, a twitter handle called Kanthammatta emerged to revive her virtually. If this is the closest we can get to bringing her back then we’ll take it! Take a look at what Kanthammatta would have said if she had a Twitter!
All these tweets are to be read and imagined only in Suryakantham garu’s voice.
Having said that, Suryakantham Garu we miss you; you can never be replaced!
Move over Sunanda Shekar! She got here first!

Who can say no to her Gummadi Odiyalu!

Priorities Yo!

This is one is meant to be read in “the voice”.

Kanthammatta ke kopam teppisthava!!

When Adinarayana meets Kanthammatta!

Socially Aware Kanthammatta knows what’s up.

Well… sometimes she doesn’t know what’s up.

Kanthammatta ki kopam osthe anthe!

No one messes with Kanthammatta!
Ala adagandi gattiga!

You better take her seriously, people!

Onti chettho Telugu ni kaapaduthunna Kaanthammatta.

Bullemma is no match for Kanthammatta.

The state’s future lies in these statistics of vodiyalu and ooragayulu!
Samantha Janma dhanyam aipoindi!

This is Kanthammatta’s web world.

Kanthammatta is having none of Twitter’s shit!

Antarjalam Kanthammatta ni visiginchina vela.

Kanna prema…

Kanthammatta ki frustration osthe


She knows who’s the BOSS!


Eevida maata bangaru baata. Follow her on Kanthammatta

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