Meet Kalyan Pavan & His Crazy Journey From Software Engineer To Dairy Farmer


Kalyan Pavan, a 25-year-old Dairy Farmer. BVRIT, Hyderabad lo B.Tech chesi, tarvatha Pondicherry University lo MBA chesadu. Campus placement lo NTTDATA lo job sampadinchi andhari lane job join ayyadu, kani thana drusthi motham Farming midhe undedhi. Work chesthune research, market analysis chesi, business model ni ardhamcheskuni ippudu Vedic Naturals ane Dairy farm ni petti nadipisthunadu. Let’s see his inspiring journey:


1. One Big Desire!
3 years IT industry lo pani chesthe, manalo chala mandhiki frustration ochestadhi, kani job odhileyali ante dhairyam saripodhu. Kani Kalyan dhairyam chesadu, Job odhilesi ‘Imports and Exports’ midha 3 months internship chesi, ippudu Medchal loni Ravelkol Cross road daggara oka organic farm ni petti daggara undi chuskuntunadu.


2. Everything Pure!
Villa farm lo undevi anni Pure breed mammals. Gujarath nunchi Gir Cows, Haryana nunchi Murrah Buffaloes ni teppincharu.
And Farm lo work chese vallu kooda chala skilled and experienced.


3. Organic!
Ee madhya andharu organic ani tag pedthunaru, kani products nammasakyam ga levu. But this farm is Certified by Vedic Organic Certification Agency(VOCA). They cultivate their own Fodder(Food) without any pesticides/chemicals, cow dung and cow urine use chesi food ni pandistharu. No Hormonal Injections for mammals and natural Crossing with original breed bulls.


4. Calves first!
‘Dooda aakali tirake mana aakali modhalavvali’ ani balam ga nammuthadu Kalyan. So, every morning Calves are fed first and only then the milk is extracted.


5. Well Organized!
Midnight 2 AM ki milking process start chestharu. Milk extraction ki machines kani, ledha vere ye equipment kani use cheyaru. And milk will be delivered within 2 hours after being milked. Prathi roju 5-6 AM madhyalo deliver chestharu.
Manodidhi software background kadha, bills nunchi orders varku anni laptop lone generation/tracking chesestuntadu.


6. Raw Milk!
Yetuvanti chemicals/water mix cheyakunda, only Raw milk ne deliver chestharu. So, the milk is loaded with high A2 protein, calcium and vitamins.


7. Free Home Delivery!
Ee dairy farm uniqueness: Free home delivery in and around Hyderabad. Ante Medchal nunchi Madhapur varku ekkadkaina ochestharu. Once delivery matladukunte, early morning 5 ki mi door steps ki ee organic milk cherukuntay.


8. Family Support!
Ee thana journey lo Family & Friends support chala crucial. Mukyamga Parents, aunty/uncle and thana Thatha gari blessings valle idhantha sadhyam aindhi ani Kalyan nammuthadu.


‘Stale milk tho ee madhya chala mandhi anarogya palavthunaru, andhuke swayam ga dairy petti pure milk andhariki deliver chesthunanu’ ani Kalyan manatho matladthu cheppadu.

Inthaki starting lo ‘Imports and Exports’ midha internship endhuku chesadu anukuntunara. He wants to export milk/dairy products from his organic farm to other countries as well.
New Zealand, Australia nunchi ela aithe milk/dairy products ni vere countries ki export chestharo, adhe vidhanga eppatikaina thana Farm nunchi export cheyalanadhe manodi ashayam. Let’s wish him all the best and great success ahead!

Contact no: 9550700020
Location: Vedic farms, Ravelkol Cross road, Medchal, Hyderabad.


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