A Look Back On How Kakinada Beach Turned Into A Paradise Over The Years


Kakinada city ki beauty enti ani aa oori varu evarni adigina, valla beach ane cheptharu. Ooriki outskirts lo unna sare, Kakinada citizens andhariki recreation spot ante beach ey. Nenu oka Kakinada abbayi ne. Naku ma beach ante chala ishtam but chinnappudu beach ki vellina sare, water lo mathram dhigevadni kadhu. The only reason is the sea water.


Frankly speaking, Kakinada beach water okappudu completely contaminated undedhi. Beach ki daggarlo industries undadam valla, aa waste antha sea lo mix ayyedhi, and moreover maintenance kuda antha chesevaru kadhu.



Gradually emaindhi ante, they started conducting beach festivals in Kakinada every year. So at least the waste on the beach is cleared out. A beautiful park is constructed and AP tourism started taking things seriously in Kakinada. Adhe time ki Kakinada is also selected as a smart city. Then came ‘Harita Beach Resort’ which changed the face of Kakinada beach itself.

Appativaraku, ‘Ehey beach ki velli em chestham ra babu, Isaka lo kurchovadam thappa’ anukune vallu, ‘Rey, beach ki veldham raa.. manchi timepass avuddi’ ane mood ki maripoyaru..



Ippudu Each and every Kakinada guy are happy to say that they have a beautiful beach in their city and in fact it is getting bigger and better now. Oka manchi fountain garden and a glass bridge kuda vasthunnay beach lo. This is going to make the beach more unique.



Ee development antha ey government valla jarigindhi ane discussion pakkana pedithe, Kakinada and its beach deserve this development and even more. As citizens of Kakinada, it is our responsibility too to keep the beach clean.





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