All You Need To Know About The Ancient Kakatiya Era Step Well At Warnagal!


Contributed By Aravind Pakide


An ancient well locally known as “metla bhavi” is situated in Shiva nagar colony in the lane beside navatha transport office, Warangal fort road. the origin of this ancient well is not known, but the local people say that it was built by the Kakatiyas.

Most of the pillars used for this well are similar to that of kakatiya architecture. The well is a specimen of Kakatiyan architecture having interior steps with corridors to sit out while taking rest during the swimming.

This well is built with granite rock pillars similar to thousand pillar temple and warangal fort. The source of water is natural, there is no need to bring from outside and fill it.


If we preserve this well, it will be a heritage gift to the future generations. The ancient well is full of water. As seen from the top level, it is constructed in two tiers with covered steps from southern side.

The actual well is approximately 12×12 mts In square with 2 mts, platform all around with is constructed with architectural and plain pillars. On one of the pillars located at the southern side the crescent moon and symbols are carved. Traces of letters also appear on this pillar but not clear as it is full of fungus and inside the water. One ceiling slab of temples is seen fixed in the well on the north east corner and one frize right female dancing figurines carved in Kakatiyan style is seen at the south west corner . There is a stepped way on southern side to go inside the well.


The compound wall and Drain is a later construction with lime and bricks . Now it is disturbed at different places.

The entire structure requires renovation, repairs and preservation.



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