Who is Kitchlu Cutie: Gautham Kitchlu, The Man Who’s Getting Married To Our Forever Crush, Kajal Aggarwal


Mana forever crush, mana music system ki marriage set ayindi. Yes, our Kaju papa officially shared a message from her social media confirming about her marriage date & her groom.

She is to marry a businessman Gautam Kitchlu on 30th October 2020, at Mumbai.


Ninnati nunchi rumors anukuntunna maa Mithra Binda cults ki ivala idhi confirmed ani thelisaka half hearted ga paiki navvuthu lopala kumilipothu wishes chepthunnamu..


Asalu who is this Gautam Kitchlu..? Aha who is he ani…

Gautam Kitchlu is an interior designer and tech, design enthusiast. He is the founder and CEO of the company called Discern Living. It is an online decor and design portal that he launched 5 years ago.


And his Instagram profile echoes the same. Most of his posts on Instagram are his design ideas.

Apart from designing houses and rooms, Gautam Kitchlu’s company also sells designer furniture, decor items, paintings and other household stuff.



He has also many posts where he could be seen posing after completing his marathons. Rest most of his pics on Instagram depict his insights on interior design and decor.


About her marriage:.

Lock down tharvatha marriage cheskobothunna mana first celebrity mana Kaju papa. Kani pedha theda em ledhu anukunta, antha hadavidi em lekunda only close friends and family members madhyalo jaruguthadi. Mumbai 5 star hotel lo two days lo ee event conduct chesthunnaru…


School mate to soul mate..

Kaju papa Gautam tho epatinuncho pics share chesthundi, but manam ippudu confirm ayaka ah pics ni viral chesthunnam. Love marriage kabati epatinuncho Gautam tho travel avthu vasthundi..


Continues her acting..

Finally mana 35 year old bangaram marriage cheskuntundi ani navvalo, ayayoo mana crush pelli cheskuntunde ani edavalo ardham kani situation.. But mana cults ki manchi good news enti ante, thanu marriage tharvatha kuda as usual ga acting continue chesthadi ata, poni le ra babu manam eppatilagane screen medha chusi enjoy cheyochu…


Thwaralo Indian 2 movie and mana Manchu Manoj babu movie lo kuda Kaju papa act chesthundi.. Enthaina east or west our Kaju papa is the best kabatii marriage ayaka kuda screen medha chusthu enjoy chedham..


Wishing our music system Kajal Agarwal a Happy and Successful journey ahead… From cult fans..


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