Forget English Series, Korean Dramas Are Love : My Dear Thoti K-Drama Fans, O Look Eyyandi


Contributed By Prasannalaxmi Rachakonda

Ee madhya bore kodithe cinemalakanna TV series lu binge kottesthunnam. Hostels lo undevallakaithe adhoka udhyamam ane cheppali. Ee Netflix and Amazon Prime vacchaka diff language films ki expose authunnam. But avi leni kalam lo kuda Torrents lo download chesi abbayilakante ammayilu ekkuva chusina konni series lu unnayi…ave Korean series. Vayammo adho emotion ae ..adhi ela untadhante….


1. Starting/ Beginners

Normal ga elanti expectations lekunda choodatam start chestam but when we start seeing them it’s too difficult to come out of them. Chusthune undipotharu.


2. The Cutest People Ever

How can some people be sooo.. cute…?!!! hero ,heroine ane kakunda other actors like aa friends or side characters, sometimes even the negative characters kuda chala cute/beautiful untaru. Eye feast.


3. Crushes

Stating lo evaru evaru ?? ane confusion poyi koddiga hero evaru heroine evaru ane clarity vacchaka. Already bagunnavallani filter chesi crushes list loki add chesestham.
Aa taruvatha creepy ga anipinchina valla social media platforms anni stalk chesestham adhi vere vishayam anukondi…


4. The Epic Love Stories

They show us the purest/perfect love in them . every love story in each drama has it’s
Own beauty and avi choosnapudu manaki kuda the so called LOVE FEELS..osthuntayi. We will just be like wooooow.


5. The Volcano Of Emotions / Feelings We Go Through

Basically edi chala common. We will actually get used all the emotions which those actors are going through. It’s really hard to come out of that obsession, mana chepthe edho vallu vinetattu lappy screen tho matladestham kuda.


6. Taking Us Into A Different World

Oka fantasy or fully unnatural story/characters ni kuda chala realistic ga choopinche ability vallaki chala undi so this takes us into a different world. We really don’t even know how we automatically get transformed into a different experience.. it’s literally and figuratively magical.


7. Other Disturbances

We feel really annoyed when someone disturb us while watching them and we feel like screwing them off. We silently scold them in Korean, but Hey!! they can’t understand a single thing.



Manaki K Drama ante endukantha picchi undho choosina vallaki thappa others ki ardhamkadu
We actually become fans unknowingly. And manaki co K Drama lover dorikithe instant bonding guarentee.


9. The Addiction

When we start seeing them it’s not so easy to get out of that obsession. The more we see, the more we love them. Okka series tho aapamu, Check list create chesukuni chusthune untamu.


10. The Ending

Every K Drama has it’s own unique ending. Even if it’s HAPPY ENDING OR SAD ENDING we really feel like abbha this is the THOPE drama for every ending and the satisfaction we get is immense.


So, my dear thoti K Drama lovers do you feel the same way ?. What was the first series you watched and what are you watching currently do comment. and mana Girl Formula kotha sketch kuda chuseyandi.


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