Here Are The Complete Details About Indian Cities Placed In The List Of JLL City Momentum Index 2020


Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated popularly known as JLL. Ee American based real estate service firm, Aa industry filed lo ne mottam global lo second place lo undi. Click here to know more about JLL. Fortune 500 lo 189th rank lo unna ee company from past 7 years mottam world lo development lo industry growth lo fast ga unna and anuvu gaa unna cities ento survey chesi report prepare chesthundi. Alaa ee year release chesina “City Momentum Index 2020” list lo “Hyderabad” emerges as TOP 1. Followed by Bengaluru.


Here is complete list of JLL City Momentum Index
Global Top 20:

1 Hyderabad
2 Bengaluru
3 Ho Chi Minh City
4 Nairobi
5 Chennai
6 Delhi
7 Hanoi
8 Manila
9 Silicon Valley
10 Shenzhen
11 Chongqing
12 Pune
13 Wuhan
14 Dubai
15 Hangzhou
16 Kolkata
17 Shanghai
18 Riyadh
19 Austin
20 Mumbai


Points and Reasons behind this list: Creating a Resilient and Responsible City

The City Momentum Index 2020 covers 130 major established and emerging markets to identify the cities that have the strongest positive momentum in their economies and real estate markets over the short to medium term. (Ee Index economical and real estate paranga develop avvadaaniki scope unna 130 major cities ni identify chesindi.)

This research highlights several cities continuing to exhibit remarkable dynamism, particularly in Emerging Asia, which once again dominates the Global Top 20 in JLL’s City Momentum Index.
(Dynamism – Chaitanyam[growth, changes, development] unna cities tho unna list lo Asia continient domination chaala undi and India nunde 7 cities unnayi. Click here for the full report.


According to JLL
Southern Indian cities have the strongest momentum globally:

Hyderabad and Bengaluru again vie for top spot in the City Momentum Index 2020, with Hyderabad just edging out its southern Indian neighbour in a reversal of last year’s ranking.

While both cities place in the top two globally for socio-economic momentum, a more active real estate market helps elevate Hyderabad to first position in the overall ranking. Hyderabad recorded the highest office net absorption in 2019 (as a proportion of existing stock) of any city globally, while it is also among the world’s best-performing cities for prime office rental growth. A thriving technology sector is driving this momentum, with the city’s reputation receiving a further boost last year with the opening of a large campus by Amazon. It has joined fellow tech giants that include Apple, Google and Facebook, who have all established a presence in Hyderabad in recent years.

While all seven Tier 1 and Tier 2 Indian cities feature in this year’s Global Top 20, the southern Indian cities in particular – Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai (5th) – are ahead of their northern peers, supported by favourable demographics and business climates. Their expanding tech industries and start-up cultures make them a magnet for young and ambitious talent from across the country, with Bengaluru having one of the world’s largest concentrations of ‘engine room’ population (20-40 year olds), typically the most dynamic and productive age cohort.


Last year first place lo Bengaluru, Second place lo Hyderabad unnayi. Ee year aa places reverse ayyayi. Real estate market chaala active ga undatam Hyderabad ni first place lo ki techaayi. Rental office growth lo Hyderabad is standing as the world’s most best-performing cities. India lo unna 20 – 40 year old population lo mostly Hyderabad, Bengaluru lo undadam. Startup ki inka career growth opportunities ee two cities chaala vast ga undatam valla ee city lo rapid growth undi ani and ambitious talent ni attract chese cities gaa ee 2 cities emerge avthunnayi ani “JLL” tana report lo cheppindi. 2014 nundi 2020 varaku rankings gamanisthe Bengaluru, Hyderabad economical entha strengthen ayyayo telustundi.


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