Ambani Mama’s JioMeet Vs Zoom: Here’s What’s Different & What’s Not


Recent ga PM Modi nunchi common people varuku baga rise avtunna ‘Made in India’ and ‘Vocal for Local’ ane emotion lo kotha ga add aina service, ‘JioMeet’, Ambani’s very own made-in-India video conference platform.

Zoom has been facing a lot of problems regarding the ‘user security’ since months mow. Our own Indian government has also suggested multiple times to not to use Zoom or to use it very mindfully.

While all of this is happening, Ambani came ahead and launched his own video conference platform, JioMeet.

Now let’s see what’s different and what’s not between JioMeet and Zoom.

JioMeet is FREE:

Yep, finally ‘duration of meeting’ 40 minutes ye untadi ane tension nunchi pedha relief ye ochindi ee JioMeet valla. Because with JioMeet, Each meeting can go uninterrupted up to 24 hours for free. While with the free version of Zoom you can only host a meeting session for 40 minutes.

You can host a meeting for 100 participants at a time same like zoom. But without any restriction of duration of the meeting.

JioMeet is available on Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac.

In JioMeet, Each meeting is password protected and the host can enable a “Waiting Room” to ensure no participant joins without permission.

The uncanny similarities in the look of both the apps 👀:

OK, While the features of JioMeet are pretty great, The look and visuals of the app are almost same like the Zoom.

Look for yourself:

Here’s a thread compiled by a Twitter user, SG

The one on left is JioMeet & the one on right is Zoom:

Screen 1: Landing page


Screen 2: Meetings


Screen 3: Start a meeting


Screen 4: Join a meeting


Screen 5: Schedule meeting


Screen 6: Contacts


Screen 7: My Profile


Screen 8: Meeting Settings


Screen 9: About


In iOS:


If you look at it properly, Even the JioMeet logo looks the same (the white-on-blue).

Zoom logo:


JioMeet logo:


Twitter was quick enough to crack some jokes:









To sum up the scenario in one pic: (Look closely into Zoom’s eyes)


Ambani’s JioMeet:

GIF by



GIF by


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