Free, Free, Free – Ambani Mama Announces JIO GigaFiber & Here’s Everything You Need To Know About It


Ambani mamaaaaaaa….. we love youuuuu. Buffering tho suffer authunna maaku 3 years back JIO ane oka medicine icchinandhuku, dhanyosmi mama…dhanyosmi.

Holdee… Holdeee.. suddenly this much prema why? ‘ anukuntunnara. Matter loki vacchestha. Ee year jaruguthunna Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) 42nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) lo mana mama Jio ippudu daani Fiber home Broadband service, September 5th nunchi commercial ga launch cheyyabothundhi ani announce chesadu…adhi kuda most reasonable price lo.


Mana India lo major Metropolitan cities lo thappa, vere regions lo oka manchi reliable Fiber Network anedhi ledhu. With Jio Fiber alanti developing and rural areas ki kuda Super Fast internet ni access chese facility vasthundhi. Deeni testing process konni selected areas lo 2016 nunchi jaruguthundhi.

So, ee ‘ Fiber To The Home ‘concept ante ento thelusukovali ante ee simple video chudandi.


Ee Jio Fiber broadband service ni opt chesukunte manaki vacchevi

– Oka Landline Phone connection for FREE
– Oka Digital 4k Set-Top Box for FREE ( Video Calling and conferencing, Unlimited Premium content, voice search )


Ee Set-Top Box mana region lo unna Local Cable Operators ( Siti Cable, VCV, hathway etc ) broadcast signal ni kuda support cheyyagaladhu. Deenivalla DTH operators offer chese services kanna High definition channels with better features mana availability loki vasthayi.


Jio Gigafiber speed – Starting from 100Mbps upto 1 Gbps. ( * Woaahhh…Most developed country lanti USA lone 90Mbps nunchi start authundhi, but Ambani mama said ‘ Hold My Fiber Cable * )


Price :

Ippudu Jio Gigafiber opt chesukunte, Landline ( Ambani mama calls it Home Phone ) ae kadhu..aa landline nunchi chese calls kuda FREE anta. Anthe kadhu with just ₹500 US/Canada ( International Calling ) ki unlimited calls kuda chesukovacchu anta. ( * Long distant relationship couples ki buper offer * )


Anthe kadhu, Netflix ( ₹600/- a month ) ani Hotstar ( ₹999/- a Year) ani Amazon Prime ( ₹999 a Year ) ani, manaki nacchina content chudatam kosam okko subscription ki dabbulu kattadam chusi Ambani mama ki badha kaligindhi anta. So aa subscription kuda meeku Jio Fiber thone FREE ga icchestha ani oka varam ala visiresadu. ( * Happy Tears * )


Adhe chettho, Jio Fiber premium costumers ki main ga kottha cinema release aithe theater varuku velli chuse opika leni valla kosam. Ae movie aina release aina 1st Day 1st Show…theater lo release aina roje meeru aa movie ni intlo family tho kurchuni show esukovacchu ani inko varam visiresadu. ( * POP CORN kharchulu kuda migulusthunnav kadhayya!! * ). Ee service mid 2020 nunchi work authundhanta.


Agandi aagandi inka avvaledhu, Jio Fiber users ki oka special mobility service kuda offer chesadu mama. Veetanniti tarriffs, plans & their complete details September 5th nunchi Jio website lo chusukovacchu.


Sarle antha aipoyindhi anukuntunte, SURPRIIIISEEE ani inko varam vadhilesadu. Jio Fiber lo Annual plans ( JIO FOREVER PLANS ) opt chesukune customers ki oka HD/4K LED Television and 4K Set-Top-Box FREEEEEE ga istharanta.


4K Set-Top Box Features :

Multi-party Video Conferencing from home using Jio Set-Top Box for FREE( * USB camera okati manam konukkovali emo, adhi kuda FREE icchesthe bagunnu *)


India’s first multi-player online network. This supports all gaming controllers. Supports game-play in 4K. It has Zero latency. ( * Gamers right now *)


It is Mixed reality capable ( Hybrid of VR & AR ) which helps us in shopping, education and entertainment. ( * Oo maramanishii…maaaa loki raaa *). Ivi manam vadali ante Jio Holo-board ane device kuda undali, which will be available in the market very soon and yes of course at affordable price.


Inthe kadhu manaki the best of the digital technology ni ivvataniki they have partnered with Microsoft . The are planning to launch new cloud data centers in India.

You can watch the full Keynote here :


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