Meet The 19 Year Old Jeremy Lalrinnunga, Who Got India Its Second Gold Medal At The CWG 2022

It looks like our athletes in weightlifting are not leaving the commonwealth games without all the medals there are. As we were just celebrating the 4 medals we’ve gotten since yesterday, India got another gold. And this time it’s Jeremy Lalrinnunga, a 19-year-old boy from Aizawl, Mizoram in the category of Men’s 67kg weightlifting.


His early life

Jeremy ki chinnapati nunche shiny things ante chala istham. Anduloonu, valla nanna, Lalneihtluanga gaaru sub junior national level competitions lo gelichina two gold medals ante inka ishtam. Tana 5 brothers tho eppudu aa medals tho aaduthu champions laa pretend chese vaallu.

Jeremy deggara unna options, boxing or weightlifting. And Jeremy Weightlifting choose cheskunnadu.

“I thought it would be fun. It seemed like something men should do,” he says.

Jeremy Lalrinnunga Biography: Age, Awards, Achievements & Net Worth -

Training years

Jeremy ni 9 years unnappude, inti nunchi dooram gaa training kosam velladu. Training start chesina one-year ke, 2011 Pune lo Army Sports Institute ki select aiyyadu. Inti nunchi dooram undadam tho valla amma food, brothers’ weddings ila inka enno Christmas celebrations ni miss aiyyadu.  

Jeremy Lalrinnunga Height, Weight, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography &  More » StarsUnfolded

Mizo language tappa vere language teleni Jeremy Pune lo evvaritho matlade vaadu kaadhu. But, Pune ki ochaka Hindi, English inka 2015 lo Patiala lo national camp time lo Punjabi kuda nerchukunnadu.

IOS Sports signs India's youngest weightlifting sensation Jeremy Lalrinnunga


Tana phone wallpaper ni Commonwealth Gold medal picture tho replace chesi, roju morning levagaane and night padukune tappudu adhi chusi padukune vaadu. And eorju, tanu manifest chesina dream ni reality looke change chesadu.

“When the design of the Commonwealth Games medals was released, I immediately downloaded the picture from social media. I saved the gold medal as my wallpaper,” Lalrinnunga said.

Jeremy tana first attempt loone 136kgs ni successful ga lift chesadu. Second attempt lo 140 kgs inka third attempt lo 160kgs ni Clean & Jerk category lo lift chesadu. First attempt nunchi last attempt daaka tana performance ni improve chesthu, India ki second gold medal techadu.

Jeremy Lalrinnunga wins India's second gold at CWG 2022, sets Games record  - Hindustan Times

His achievements and claim to fame

2016 lo, 13-year-old Jeremy second youngest in the competition avvadam tho, and Silver medal gelavadam tho international weightlifting community attention ni gain cheskunnadu. 2017 World Championships lo silver medal, inka 2018 Asian Youth Championships lo Silver inka Bronze medal ni gelichadu. Youth Olympics lo oka historic win tho Gold medal gelichi national level lo recognise iyyadu.

Jeremy Lalrinnunga Biography: Age, Awards, Achievements & Net Worth -

Injuries and setbacks

Tana career best shape lo unnapudu injuries tho tana win trail ki oka setback ochindhi. 2021 lo tana back of the knee lo unna cyst ki surgery avvadam tho 2021 Asian Championships and the Junior World Championships lo medals gelavalekapoyadu.

India's Jeremy Lalrinnunga Bags Gold At Commonwealth Weightlifting  Championships 2021

2021 Commonwealth Championships lo gold medal tho comeback iche time lo, inko injury suffer aiyyadu. CWG miss aiyye risk unna… participation cheyyali ane determination, therapy inka pain management tho time ki recover aipoyadu.

Jeremy Lalrinnunga win India's fifth medal of CWG 2022. (Getty)

Injuries recover avthu, anni setbacks tho comeback ichi just 19 years loone inni wonders chesadu ante, we can’t wait to see what he has in store next. Congratulating the champ!

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