What If … Jeevitha (Biology) From “If Subjects Were People” Answered More Maths Questions?!

Meeru kaani ninna release aina ma “If Subjects Were People” video chusunte, ee article ki instant ga connect aipothaaru, okavela miss aiunte, miss avvakunda kindha chuseyandi. (Ledhante ee article ardam cheskodaniki kashtapadthaaru).


Chusesaaru ga, ippudu ee video lo ni “Ninnu konni questions aduguthaanu” segment lo Ghani (Maths) – Jeevitha (Biology) ni konni questions aduguthaadu.. Daaniki thanu ichina answers meeru chuse untaru.. Now imagine, Jeevitha being asked similar questions from Ghani and …thana style lo thana amaikathvam tho.. aa questions ki thanu answer chesthe ela untundho chuddam..


1.Define Sec C!


2.What is Figure?


3.What is Srinivas Ramunjan Number?
A: I don’t know Srinivas Ramunjan number. I only know Arjun Reddy Number .. 549.


4.What is Acute Angle?
A: Did you Mean A Cute Angel??


5. Sare Maths nundi pakkakocheyi.. What is opposite of gravity?
A: Jaii Boyapati


6. Vaammo.. Neku Maths eh best.. Haa, What is a Right Angle?
A: It depends upon on the comfort between that boy and girl


7. What is the first thing when you observe these numbers: 36-24-36?

Reply to the answer: Gaadidha… They are even numbers & common multiples of 3 & 4


8. If 5(-3x – 2.765) – (x – 3.164) = -4.boyapati(4x + 5.3vikram) + 13, find X?
A: Here she is:


9. Why is the maths teacher a great dancer?
A: Because he has very good algoRHYTHMS

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