What If… Jandhyala’s Thitlu Were Aimed At The Social Media Vedhavalu!

Those were the days, when Jandhyala garu made comedies that the whole family could sit and watch together, and have a good laugh. His writing was phenomenal; he was a gifted humorist who just happened to become a director. Characters like Aragundu, Lakshmipathy, Suthi, Suthivelu…made a profound impact on us. Especially Suthi Veerabhadra Rao garu and Suthivelu made us laugh endlessly with their inventive thitlu.
So we imagined those style of “akshinthalu” being directed at our social media criminals and serial offenders, who wouldn’t stop their stupid activities otherwise. Chadivi ah alanati gnyaapakalani malli nemaru veskondi!












‘Jandhyala’ garini aayana ‘Puttina Roju’ naadu gurthuchesukuntuu..

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