What If… Jambalakidi Pamba Happened On Social Media?!

Jamba Lakadi Pamba was a revolutionary movie of sorts, turning the stereotypes of gender on their head. 22 years have passed since the movie released, and it’s still as funny as the first time! Now if that film’s concept happens on Facebook in this day and age, how would it be?? Read on to find out!
1. Trivial statuses with over-felt comments.
fb post1
2. “Have you seen Mahesh’s new leaked video? Girl, it’s sooo good!”
maheshbabu hot
3. Fake profile mahatyam.

4. Go incognito!

ntr hot
5. These desperate, crazy stalkers, I say!

6. Google’s auto-complete knows what to give you!

pawan hot
7. Sampoo hits back in style at vulgar comment.
8. Jai Kajalism!

troll pages
9. First day first show mana favorite heroine ni chudatam lo ah kickke verabba!
10. Twitter outrage over Posters in “bad taste”.

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