Hyderabad To Soon Dethrone Bangalore As The IT Capital Of India? This BBC Survey Says So!


Bangalore – India’s homegrown Silicon Valley is facing stiff competition from the country’s hottest IT destination – Hyderabad. The two Indian cities are now the most popular places as far as Tech in India is concerned. Thanks to the business-friendly policies of the state government, Hyderabad has emerged as the tech hub of the nation. The debate of “Bangalore vs Hyderabad” has always been there, but why again now? Well, BBC NEWS recently came up with a SURVEY that talks about how Hyderabad is challenging Bangalore’s status as India’s Silicon Valley.

Bangalore, which is currently ahead in the race of IT sector, consists of more than 35 % of all the IT companies present in India. Most of the Indian IT companies have their Offices in Bangalore. On the other side, Hitec City in Hyderabad is home to many MNCs such as Google, Accenture, Oracle, IBM, HP, GE, Deloitte, Capgemini, HCL, DELL, CISCO, Mindtree, Amazon. Also, many BPOs are making the city the BPO hub of India.

Bangalore is said to be the Mecca of start-ups. Every year, hundreds of new start-up starts here in IT industry. It provides the best opportunity for IT experts to make their career here. Bangalore is also known as the Silicon Valley of India due to thousands of IT companies which provide employment to a large number of people. Hyderabad is known for landing the big fishes. It has become the first destination for the Microsoft development centre in India. Google also targeted Hyderabad for their first office in India. And World’s strongest social network Facebook also opened their first office in Asia, located in Hyderabad.

When it comes to outsourcing, Bangalore is best known for outsourcing IT professionals. It is the leading exporter in the IT sector. Such is the impact of Bangalore in the International IT sector that Americans had to invent a new term for outsourcing. Hyderabad is looked upon as a fast growing city at national and international level. The companies in Hyderabad handles a lot of projects involving both Insourcing and Outsourcing.

The Big Question: The Tech Capital of India?
Bangalore is the current Tech Capital of India. But the mere title is not enough to end the debate. The top Indian IT service providers like Infosys and Wipro are headquartered in Bangalore. It has also country headquarters of many top firms like Intel, Texas Instruments, Bosch, Yahoo, and many more. Thousands of working professionals move to Bangalore every year and at least one start-up starts in Bangalore every day, clearly making it the land of opportunity, as far as IT in India is concerned. Hyderabad is only second to Bangalore and growing as the IT hub every year. With major companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook setting their camp in the City of Nizams, it would be not difficult for Hyderabad to dethrone Bangalore from the title of Tech Capital of India.

Growing problems with congestion and infrastructure in Bangalore have pushed start-ups to look for new alternatives. Everyone who has been to Bangalore has suffered at the hand of its infamous traffic. When a commute of a mere 8 kilometers takes upwards of an hour, you know there’s a problem. Besides, an atmosphere of political uncertainty looms over the city so often and with sky-high cost of operations, is Bangalore losing its charm?
On the other side, Hyderabad has been ranked as the best Indian city for three years in a row by Mercer (Quality of Living), while Bangalore took the third position. Also, Hyderabad, Govt under IT Min K Taraka Ramarao’s leadership, is going all out by funding tech incubators and academic partnerships. A global study that ranks the most influential cities in the world found Hyderabad to be three places above Bangalore. Although Bangalore still has more deals and tech entrepreneurs, Hyderabad is narrowing that gap.

Though Hyderabad is not new to IT, it has faced the brunt of violent agitation over the formation of Telangana over the last few years and had to take a backseat while Bangalore surged ahead as the preferred IT destination. But now, with an enviable pool of tech talent, pleasant political times, a cosmopolitan culture, growing infrastructure, and reasonable real estate costs, maybe Hyderabad’s time has finally come!


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