ISRO Successfully Launches Its Most Powerful Homemade Rocket And Creates History In The Process!


ISRO has now turned out to be a synonym for success. After the recent successful launch of GSAT-9 , now comes the league of heavy load vehicles and ISRO has turned successful in sending these into the space. On 5th June, 5:58 pm. Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle –Mark III along with GSAT-19 has lift off into space successfully today. The rocket weighing 640 tonnes, carrying GSAT-19 communication satellite was launched from SRI HARI KOTA space centre in Andhra Pradesh.


Here’s all you need to know about this incredible feat:

1. This successful launch by ISRO comes after previous tragic failures in 1979, 1993, and 2001 proved how ISRO is moving up in the league of big boys in space.



2. This “Heavy weight” satellite was developed over 15 years at a cost of Rs 300 crore, and is the heaviest to be in air till date.



3. GSLV MK III is capable of launching 4 ton class of satellites to Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit. It is the first developmental flight.



4. Several minutes later after the launch, communications satellite GSAT-19 was into the orbit. The GSAT-19 weighs 3,136 KGS and has a life span of 10 years.



5. It is expected to carry astronauts soon into space and this biggie, weighs almost as much as 200 full grown elephants and 5 jumbo jets.



6. Often referred to as “Generally sea loving Vehicles”, this comes as a big relief for ISRO’s GSLV launch after several failures.



This launch is expected to take Indian space research to next level as the cutting edge technological advancement and ISRO’s capability has far from developed.



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