ISRO & MapMyIndia’s ‘Google Maps’ Alternative Made In India & Everything We Know About It

Last year motham lo edhaina manchi word vinnam ante adhi “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” ane word eh.. Appudu adhento vinnamu ippudu dhani meaning ento chusthunnam. Yes, our India is making steps towards Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

ISRO has confirmed that it is joining hands with MapmyIndia to offer India’s best indigenous maps, navigation & services.

Here are the some key points:

Made in India mapping portal:

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and MapmyIndia, the navigation solutions provider, have teamed up to build an alternative to Google maps.

 Would not be dependent on foreign organisations for maps:

MapmyIndia CEO and Executive Director, Rohan Verma garu said that:

This collaboration will boost Aatmanirbhar Bharat, where in the future the users in India can rely on a made in India solution and not a service designed outside India.

“You don’t need Goo*le Maps/Earth any longer” Mr. Verma said in the headline in an article on LinkedIn.

Country’s borders as defined by the Government of India

MapmyIndia being a responsible local Indian company, ensures that its maps reflect the true sovereignty of the country, depicting India’s borders as per Government of India, and hosts its maps in India

Satellite imagery and Earth observation data by ISRO

Through the combined partnership with ISRO, MapmyIndia’s end user maps, apps and services will now integrate with ISRO’s huge catalogue of satellite imagery and earth observation data.

3+ crore places across India

MapMyIndia’s maps currently cover 7.5 lakh villages in 7500+ cities at street and building level in India, connected by all 63 lakh kilometres of road network pan India and within cities, in total providing maps for an unparalleled 3+ crore places across India.

A promise of piracy

Verma said to a report that:

Foreign mapping solutions include hidden costs, which include ad targeting by companies that invade user privacy. He didn’t, however, include proof that foreign mapping solutions invade user privacy or how MapMyIndia’s solution would protect the same.

All of India from a bird’s eye point of view

Users will be able to see in MapmyIndia’s maps and services, all of India from a bird’s eye point of view, and also benefit hugely from the various map based analytics and insights about weather, pollution, agricultural output, land use changes, flood and landslide disasters etc..

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