Here’s An Inspiring Story Of A Techie Who Became An ‘Ironman’ & Started His Fitness Coaching Centre!


Hyderabad-based software engineer Sunil Menon’s journey is nothing short of an inspiring story. Sunil was the first race director of Airtel Hyderabad Marathon from 2011-2012. He completed IRONMAN South Africa in 2014, ran the prestigious Boston Marathon in 3:05 minutes and represented Telangana in National Games for Olympic triathlon distance in 2015. An Ex-reality show contestant, Sunil is the only IRONMAN-certified coach from Hyderabad. He now works as a full-time marathon, triathlon and life coach at his own company MenonFitness Systems, after quitting his cushy Senior Developer position at Microsoft.

It is no doubt therefore, that Coach Sunil Menon is fitting to be the race director of the HDFC Savethon to be held on Dec 10th , 2017 at Necklace road. When asked about starting his own marathon and triathlon coaching company, Sunil says that he started MenonFitness Systems not just for coaching people for triathlons and marathons, but with a vision of improving the health quotient of people worldwide. Sunil says, “MenonFitness Systems is not just about coaching or training plans, it is a set of systems that addresses people’s lifestyles through nutrition, diet counselling, life coaching and a lot more.”

Apart from being an IRONMAN certified coach, he is also a BREATHING SPECIALIST AND an NLP Practitioner. When asked for preparation tips for 10k run, Sunil says that along with workouts, Nutrition is an important aspect. “Your pre-race meal should be simple, non-fibrous foods, Banana fruit shake or raw Banana latte is good to have before the run.” Sunil says, “During the run, use the run-walk- run method, take small sips of water and after your run, do not stretch, instead walk around for 15-20 minutes and do a self-massage.”

He is currently coaching 40+ clients all over India. One of his clients, even qualified for Boston with
the help of his training plans which Sunil assigns to every trainee. On his client’s success, Sunil says, “I develop my trainees into superhumans. They can do anything. As their coach, I take care of them, their success is my success, their failure is my failure.” The aspect that stands out about his coaching is that his techniques ensure that clients run their best while being injury-free and recover effectively. This is exactly what enabled two of this client, a husband and wife running couple, to finish the New York Marathon, Berlin Marathon and Springfield Marathon all in the same month.

On asking the secret mantra behind his techniques, Sunil says that he believes in being a lifelong learner, He ensures he keeps himself abreast of the latest and greatest techniques in the domain of running, nutrition and fitness and implementing it in his sessions. This way, His trainees always have access to the BEST advice. Sunil Menon believes that to be the best coach one must continuously learn and apply the learnings. On how to stick to training plans for runs, Sunil says, “I believe in the MenonFitness Systems’ tagline, which is Mind+Body; Habits which means that if you can cultivate your training as a habit rather than base it on just willpower, you are likely to sustain it over the rest of your life. So, train your mind, train your body and make it a habit.”

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