Did You Notice Flickering In Yesterday’s IPL Match, Here’s The Reason Why


Everyone were sticked to screen yesterday for Delhi vs Punjab match, which ended with nail bitting ending and a super over. In the whole match did you notice flickering of screen or Dimming of screen while they show replays, and this flickering is observed only when they replay in slow motion. The simple answer for this is Light, but detailed answer is here

Camera captures normal video at some speed like 60 photos per sec and those 60 photos stiched and forms one sec video.

But for Slow motion, camera captures 120 Photos or still higher rate of photos per second and stich them as video. This 60 photos or 120 photos per second is called Frames per second or FPS.

While shooting slow motion like sports or action, they use higher fps where they capture hundred to thousands of photos per second, in those every thousandth sec of photo, light should be sufficient or bright on the players.

As told earlier simple answer is LIGHT, every light we use or see is just like a camera flash light, it will be ON and OFF every time, but our eyes cannot notice that On and Off, but super slow motion cameras which take more photos in a second can easily capture photos at the time when light is OFF.

Same way yesterday Stadium Lights were not powerful, So we see flickering of slow motion videos.

Take your phone camera near to the Bulb or tube light, you can see the flickering.

See this below pic, Helicopter is in motion but fans are not rotating


This is not graphics, the answer is Helicopter fan speed and camera photos per second are matching perfectly.

Adhi mari matteru


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