New IPL Teams: Here’s Everything We Know About Newly Bid IPL Teams, Ahmedabad & Lucknow

IPL kotha teams velampaata lo Ahmedabad Alludlu and Lucknow Ligers ane rendu teams digayi anta kadha mastaru enti sangathi ?

Kothaga 2 teams ni konukodaniki BCCI August 31st oka tender document release chesindhi, 22 members apply chesi 9 members bid chesaka mothaniki ninna RPSG Ventures Ltd Lucknow team ni (for INR 7090 crores) and  Irelia Company Pte Ltd (CVC Capital Partners)  Ahmedabad Team ni  INR 5625 crores konukunaru. Oka IPL team konalante venaka process enti ? asala ee teams kondaniki evar entha bid chesaro anni details oka dagara pettesam oka look eseyandi

IPL New Owners: Maku Cup u kavali.

BCCI: 10 crores anukunnam 15 crores ochindhi, manam safe roy

Netizens: Avi Kotla? Cova la?  Idekadi mass bidding mowa

Bidding process:

  1. Buying ITT form for IPL – ITT (invitation to tender), simple ga cheppalante oka application form lantidi, ee particular document lo detailed terms and conditions, evaluation of bids, eligibility requirements, the process for submissions of bids, proposed new teams’ rights, obligations etc anni untayi anamata. Ee particular document cost 10 lakhs
  1. Bidding: 22 members ITT konte 9 teams successful ga bid chesayi. Minimum amount to buy the team is 2000 crores.

BCCI motham 6 Teams konadaniki velampata pettindi which include Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Cuttack, Dharamsala, Guwahati, and Indore.

  1. Here is the list of 9 companies and the bid amount for 6 teams 

  1. Combined ga both the teams ki kalipi highest amount entha osthe aa teams ni select chestham ani BCCI cheppindhi.

Minimum 2000 crores ayina prathi company almost 4000 crores bid chesayi, IPL ki unna craze alantidi mari.

7 hours technical evaluation, eligibility criteria and other factors chusaka mothaniki BCCI two teams and vaati owners ni announce chesindhi.

Ninna ante 25th October BCCI announced the owners and Teams for IPL 2022. BCCI oka 10k crores expect chesthe almost 12715 crores ravadam is a big thing annaru Ganguly and Jay Shah.

“The IPL will now go to two new cities in India viz in Lucknow and Ahmedabad. It is heartening to see the inclusion of  two new teams at such a high valuation, and it reiterates the cricketing and financial strength of our cricket ecosystem.True to IPL’s motto of ‘Where Talent Meets Opportunity’, the inclusion of two new teams will bring more domestic cricketers from our country to the global stageGanguly (BCCI President)

It is a momentous day for all of us and I formally welcome RPSG Ventures Ltd. and Irelia Company Pte Ltd. into the IPL fold. We had promised that IPL will be bigger and better from the 15th season and with Lucknow and Ahmedabad, we will take the league to different parts of India – Jay Shah (BCCI secretary)

“The level of interest among the interested parties prove that IPL is among the most sought-after sporting leagues in the world. We had bids from different parts of the world and from parties with diverse portfolios wanting to make a foray into the world of sports. I extend my heartiest congratulations to RPSG Ventures Ltd. and Irelia Company Pte Ltd. for securing the rights to operate the two teams. We had a wonderful 14th season and the 2022 season will see a new beginning,” Brijesh (IPL Chairman)

Asala ippudante IPL Craze valla inni thousands of crores isthunaru kaani, asala starting manaki telsina IPL team bid prices and owners telusa?

IPL TeamOwner
Chennai Super KingsN. Srinivasan
Delhi CapitalsGrandhi Mallikarjuna Rao

Sajjan Jindal

Kolkata Knight RidersShah Rukh Khan

Jay Mehta

Mumbai IndiansMukesh Ambani
Punjab KingsMohit Burman

Ness Wadia

Preity Zinta

Karan Paul

Rajasthan RoyalsManoj Badale

Lachlan Murdoch

Gerry Cardinale

Royal Challengers BangaloreUnited Spirits
Sunrisers HyderabadKalanithi Maran
Lucknow UnitedRPSG Group
AhmedabadCVC Capital Partners

So IPL 2022 lo ipudu motham 10 teams untayi and they will be playing 74 matches anamata, each team 7 home and 7 away matches. 2021 varaku 60 matches jarigevi. Kaani asala vishayam entante aa teams perlenti ? Captains evaru ? evariki break ivvali, next year big auction kabatti edanna jaragachu. Edhi jarigina sare break ivvadaniki memu ready ga unnamu. Comments sections lo ee IPL teams ki meeru anukune peru and evaru captain ayithe baguntundho cheppeseyandi.

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