Paadu Raja Paadu: These Are The Indian Companies That Are In Discussions For IPL 2020 Title Sponsorship


Anni set cheskoni IPL 2020 vasthundi ane lope sudden supai laga VIVO thana sponsorship ni withdraw cheskundi, So ippudu BCCI kothaga malli Brand Sponsor ni vethike panilo unnaru…


Chala varake mana Indian companies title rights kosam interest chupinchai. In order to claim the rights, BCCI invited third parties to express their interest (EOI) in acquiring the title sponsorship rights for the IPL 2020.

The IPL sponsorship rights will be available for a period between August 18, 2020, to December 31, 2020.


August 14 na bidding close ayindi, BCCI expected to announce the IPL title sponsor for 2020 by August 18. According to reports, Here are some Indian companies which might win the IPL title sponsorship rights for 2020…



IPL title sponsorship kosam Indian companies ni chusthunaru theilisina tharvatha social media lo chalane funny ga memes vachai, first avvani saradhaga chesaremo anukunna kani tharvatha nizamgane title sponsorship kosam bidding vesam ani we are interested ani Patanjali valle chepaka What a coincidence anukunna…

Valla Branding ki international level lo kuda peru vasthadi ani IPL ni select cheskunnaru anukunta…


A Patanjali official said that:

The company believes it as a step to promote the nationwide running “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” initiative which aims to promote the concept of self reliance in India.


Tata Sons

Tata already IPL lo one of the official partner eh, and sources prakaram Tata might be the favourites in walking away with the IPL’s title sponsorship rights.

Tata Group’s ki eppati nuncho sports tho association undi, it funds the Wrestling Federation of India, and has a team in the India Super League football and runs one of the oldest soccer academies in Jamshedpur.


They also provide largest employment to sportspersons in India. The current BCCI president Sourav Ganguly and head coach Ravi Shastri are once a Tata employees…


Reliance Jio

India’s leading telecom brand Reliance Jio kuda sponsorship race lo undi, Jio already IPL ki official brand partner ayina title sponsorship lo invest cheyadaniki interest chupisthundi. With a turnover in excess of INR 300 crores, Jio will be one of the most suitable partners for the BCCI.

Jio parent company ayina Reliance eh IPL franchise Mumbai Indians owner, malli ee companies eh title sponsorship race lo kuda undadam koncham conflict ga anipisthundi andharki…



Byju’s already mana India team official sponsor, ayina kuda mana IPL title sponsorship kosam interest chupisthundi. This learning app, Byju’s inked a three year deal with BCCI in September 2019 to continue as Team India official sponsor until March 2022. Appudu kuda Oppo chinese brand nunchi sponsorship ni replace chesindi


International cricket ki chala time patte laga undi ani ila IPL vaipu interest chupisthunnaru anukunta, being one of the leading online firms in India, Byju’s IPL 2020 title rights ni kottesina kotteyochu..



Byju’s lagane Unacademy kuda learning app eh, It is also reported to have bid for IPL’s title sponsorship rights in 2020. Unacademy India lone one of the leading educational platform. Tata sons, Jio and Byju’s lanti pedha companies tho patu Unacademy kuda title race lo undi.


Dream 11

Cricket gurinchi thelisina vallaki dhini gurinchi prathyekanga chepe avasaram ledhu, phone lo score kosam cricbuzz open chesinatte side ki Dream 11 kuda open chesi chinnaga betting pedatham, ante Betting anagane cheap look evakandi guruvu garu, edho mana favouritism tho manam anukunnte jaruguthadi ane asha anthe…

Dream 11 already IPL lo one of the official partner kuda, so inthala cricket tho on & off field lo connect ayi unna Dream 11 kuda sponsorship race lo undi..

Andharu BCCI meedhane baram vesaru, ika pedha ayina edhi chepthe gadhe finalllll…


Vivo IPL title rights kosam five years period until 2022 varaku agreement cheskundi, Under the deal, Vivo had agreed to pay the board Rs 2,190 crore, or about Rs 440 crore per season.

Ippudu andharam boycott Chinese products antunnam kabati Vivo ee year title sponsorship nunchi thappukovali anukuntundi, and BCCI also mutually agreed to it.


So every season ki vache ah Rs 400 cr ni velainantha ee companies tho replace cheyali ani chusthundi.. So official ga IPL 2020 sponsor evaro August 18 na BCCI announce chese varaku agalsindhe…


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