Here Are All New ‘iOS 12’ Features You Need To Know & People’s Reaction To It


The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 has formally commenced with the yearly keynote addressed by Tim Cook and Co. Although there are no new Hardware announcements, there was a lot covered on the software front.


1. Memeoji and new Animoji’s:

Memoji is an animated avatar which can mimic your facial expressions and movements. You can customize your Memoji Just like Bitmoji characters. ( Manaki iPhone-X ledhu..parledhu unnollu enjoy chestharu ). Eve kaakunda 4 new Animojis kuda unnay.

Common People: Tongue detection kuda undhi veetiki. (Literal ga, Naalukanu lapa lapa laadisthundhi.)


2. Live Camera Effects:

The newly added Memoji and Animojis can be used in Real Time while using Facetime (iphone X).

Common People: (Mark mama elagoo instagram ni Snapchat ga maarche pani lo unnadu ,ee apple vaallu Mark mama ki competition aa ?? Gokkunnodi daggara Geekkunnattu undhi.)


3. Facetime:

FaceTime will support group chats with up to 32 participants. You can add participants at any point in the conversation or vice versa.

Common People: (Anthamandhi Friends lerani, endhuku padhe padhe gurthu chestharu.)


4. Notifications:

This lets you group notifications together with a swipe. You can also manage notifications from the lock screen.

Common People: (Hammayya!! Thanks ra baabu, kaneesam ippatikanna ma maata vinnaru).


5. Photos:

They have introduced few ‘Search Refinements’ in the Photos app and a new section called ‘FOR YOU‘ where you will find sharing suggestions.

Common People: (YEP! I know what you are thinking, just like Google Photos.Aina copy kotti kottha perlu pettatam veellakki kottha em kaadhu.)


6.New App:

They introduced an all-new MEASURE APP so that you can measure real-life items just by using your iPhone with the help of AR(Augmented Reality), which allows you to see the width, length, and height of things just by tapping your screen.

Common People: (Em kaavalante adhi koluchu kovacchu…)


7. Redesigned Apps:

Apps updated in iOS 12 include News, Stocks, and Voice Memos.
Common People: (Koddiga panikocche vishayame ) .

The iBooks app is now called Apple Books.
Common People: ( Idhi peddaga evadu vaadadu).


8. Digital well-being: Screen time reports,app limits etc:

These are a new set of comprehensive built-in tools to encourage iPhone and iPad users to restrict extensive usage by monitoring their usage stats like:

– Do Not Disturb during bedtime.
– Set an end time for Do Not Disturb.
– Turn off notifications for apps you’re no longer using.
– Screen time.
– App limits.
– New parental controls.

Common People: (Maa amma ‘ 24 hrs phone pattukuni kurchokapothe , edanna upayogapade pani cheyocchu ga’ annappudu idhi open chesi chupistha…entha time spend chesano correct ga cheppuddhi.)


9. Focus on Performance :

Up to 70% faster swipe to camera,50% faster keyboard display, 2X faster app launch under heavy workload.

Common People: ( Anni chepparu mari…mari battery life sangathi???)


10. Support:

iOS 12 will support iOS devices going back to 2013.

Common People: (Thank you sir, iphone 6 vaalla baadhalni ardham chesukunnaru .. just ,software support cheyyaledhu ane reason tho inko kidney ammukolem kada sir.)


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