10 Things That Every Introvert Can Definitely Relate To During Weekends!


Introverts live in a world of their own. What gives happiness to them is very different from that of other people. They enjoy being alone and spending time with themselves. So here is a window to their weekend:

1. Indulging in guilty pleasures:
Introverts have guilty pleasure that they are embarrassed to tell people. It might be watching ‘Bathuku Jataka ‘(if you do then totally judging you) or cheating on your diet.

2. Taking break from people:
Introverts do not hate people but prefer being with themselves instead of the constant noise and the talking. They believe their own company is better and they entertain themselves.

3. Walk or hike alone:
A walk or hike alone can only make think harder and emerge from the hike as a better person. Fully aware of the surroundings and their decisions. Even if not aware atleast you can enjoy the nature and the scenery in peace.

4. Movie marathons:
All the movie buffs out there must be doing this on their weekends. It is their ideal time watch the movies love for the umpteenth time and to say the dialogues along with the characters and laugh and cry with them. Shout-out to all of those re-watching classics like Geetanjali and crying over and over the same scene.

5. Going through memories:
Just sitting and flipping the pages of their diary or a photo album just to go back in time. Remembering all the memories that shaped the person they are today. Just looking at how easy and fun the situations and people were and how now everything is just annoying the shit of them.

6. Sleep:
Nothing can ever take place of food and sleep. They are the things that we crave for more as we do it. Some people even dream about sleeping and eating delicious food and other count the number of hours they sleep or hours left for their lunchtime or dinner time.

7. Gardening:
‘Mokke kada ani peekesthe peeka kostha’ is their reaction when someone tries to touch their plants. They treat those plants like their own babies and take utmost care of them. Even if there is the slightest growth in the plant they are tending to, they channel their inner Siddarth and shout ‘na polam lo mokkalochayoch!’.

8. Wardrobe check:
I am not going to say heavy phrases like ‘setting your wardrobe’, but trying to set their wardrobe and arrange everything accordingly is what they try in the beginning. But mostly end up just pulling out the zillion clothes and deciding that they have no clothes to wear.

9. Books:
Books are the fastest and easiest means of time travel. They escape reality and enter into a zone of their own, words make them happier than any other person can. The people closest to them and who they actually care about are fictional characters. They even like writing for themselves and putting their feelings down which they cannot express to another person.

10. Pets:
Introverts who are crazy about their pets not only spend quality time with them but also make time for them. They play around and feed them with lot of love, for many they are the youngest member of their family. If these people ever make a movie, its title would be ‘Pet ae na pranam’.


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