Internet Lo Jara Jagratha: Here Are 10 Things To Keep In Our Minds Everytime We Use The Internet

Internet safety. Everyone’s concern. Everyone’s necessity. While we live in a world where Internet is right in our hands, safety should be our major concern of all. Internet gives us the free will of saying literally anything from behind the screen giving us zero accountability for our actions. Evariki edhi anipisthey adi anese svechaa dorike lopu, safety has become the biggest concern of all.

The theory to this is quite simple. Oka manishi mana mundhu ela manchiga untaaro, internet lo kudaa adhe behaviour follow ayithe, both the real world and the internet world would be such safe places to be in. So here are a few things to keep in mind while you act on internet.


Real life lo teleni manushula tho chala polite gaa generous ga ela aitey matladtaamo, it should be the same on the internet as well. Rather than just saying something behind your screen, let’s be at our best behaviour.

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Talking to strangers

Manaki teleni vallatho entha jagratha ga matladtaamo real-life lo, internet lo manaki teleni konni kotla mandhi tho kuda ade jagratha tho matladdam.

Nearly half of 12-year-olds admit speaking to strangers online |


Manaki telisina vallatho inka manam baaga comfortable unna vallatho ne manam socialize chesthamu and time spend chesthamu. Internet should be the same as well.

Socialising 1: Breaking the ice | TeachingEnglish | British Council | BBC


Something we see and hear about happening everywhere. Manaki telekunda sudden gifts, packages ela aitey open cheyyakunda untamo, internet lo kuda manaki teleni links, emails, click cheyyakunda safe ga undadam mana badhyatha.

Fraud Psychology: 3 Elements in Every Fraud Case - Integrity Asia


Mana personal information, mana PIN, OTP aduguthu evaru call, mail chesina kuda we aren’t supposed to share our information just like we don’t do it in real life.

After Sharing OTP 28 Times With Fraudster, Woman Duped Of Nearly Rs 7 Lakh

Locking the door

Most important safety lesson. Inti nunchi baitiki velletappudu door lock chesamo ledho ani double check cheskoni start avthamu. Alage mana accounts ni sign out cheyyadam chala important.

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Vere valla private space ni respect cheyyadam and valla privacy ni ardam chesukovadam should be our moral duty both in real-world as well as the internet world.

Internet Privacy: Anonymity in the Age of Internet Surveillance | InfoSec  Insights

See something say something

Manaki deni midha aina anumaanam ochina, adhi dangerous anipinchina, ventane evaraina cheppesthamu. Internet should work the same way as well. We see something bad, we report it.

Police initiate online reports – The Cord


Manaki teleni vishayam lo manushulu cheppe maatalu vinadam tappu ani telsina vishyame. Correct judgement inka verification tho nammutamu. Same goes for internet as well. Mana alochana tho maatrame edhaina nammali.

Rumors, Lies and the Internet: 7 Questions for Craig Silverman - American  Journalism Review

Reach out

Edhaina problem unna, manalni oka vishayam baaga saatayistunna, real life lo mana friends or family ni reach aiyyi mana problems ela share cheskuntamo, internet lo edhaina problem face chesina, twaraga share cheskovadam is the best solution.

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Everything has its good and bad. As much as we all love the good parts of the internet it is equally important to tackle the bad parts of it as well. Rather than just ignoring them, let’s fight them to have a safer space for ourselves on the internet.

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