Kerala Unexplored: Offbeat Yet Interesting Places You Need To Visit In 2020


Yes, we all made it to another year. As kids vision 2020 seemed very far but here it is! It’s been quite a journey for all of us millennials. We have seen it all!
With the internet and cheap carriers traveling has become a dream which we all can live. But in 2020 let’s not travel just because we can. The need of the hour is traveling more responsibly and consciously. So here is the 1st place in our offbeat series of experiences for 2020!


Palakkad, Kerala

Palakkad is a quaint district in the Malabar region of Kerala. With dreamy coconut tree backdrops, silent, scenic villages, national parks, hill stations, rich culture and being home for a lot of art forms, its disconcerting that there are no tourists. That allows you to take a closer look at Kerala’s culture in the most authentic way.


Highlights and things to do

Silent valley national park: A Unesco recognized nature wonder, a tropical evergreen rain forest that is home to130+ species of birds, 30+species of mammals (a lot of elephants), a thousand varieties of flowers including rare orchids, and a hundred other indigenous flora and fauna. The Nila river flows through the national park.


Olappamana mana: A 500-year-old feudal home with a golden history. The now silent and quaint premises of Olappamanna mana were once very lively with ever-ongoing rituals, Kathakali artists practicing the dance form, Carnatic music students practicing ragas with their gurus, and craftsmen learning different kinds of art forms in the family-run school – Kaliyogam. It’s converted into a homestay now and is the best place to reminisce about the golden days of Kathakali.


Artists of Palakkad: It’s home to so many arts and artisans. Do visit the Kathakali koppu nirmanam center in Vellinezhi – a family that makes Kathakali costumes.

Not very far from there are Krishnakumar’s home and workshop in Adakkaputhur who makes metal mirrors – one of its kind and Krishnakumar is the sole practitioner of this art.

In karimpuzha, weaving street pure cotton sarees are weaved at the artisan’s homes you might want to drop by 🙂


Nelliyampathy: The velvet green mountains, the breathtaking views, tea gardens, and the hiking trails beckons the traveler in you!


Festivals: Here are some special festivals in the Palakkad region:
Kalpathy Radhotsavam – Falls between 14th November and 17th November, every year

Kanthallur Utsavam – Falls between November 15th and December 15th, every year.

Puthanalikkal Makarachovva – Falls between 15th January and 22nd January, every year
Olappamanna Mana Kalam Pattu – Starts on 15th January and ends on the last Sunday of February, every year
Pariyanampatta Pooram – Falls between February 13th and March 15th, every year
Chinakkathur Pooram – Falls between February 13th and March 15th, every year
Ayyappankavu Utsavam – Falls between February 13th and March 15th, every year
Olappamanna Mana Thalappoli – Falls on last Sunday of February, every year



Getting there: The nearest Airports are Kozhikode and Coimbatore. Trains from different cities have direct trains to Palakkad. Cherpulacherry is the nearest town…from there one can reach Olappamanna mana, Vellinezhi either by a connecting bus or an auto-rickshaw.

Getting In and Around: Kerala has decent public transportation.The hosts/hotel staff can also connect you with the local taxi/auto drivers.

Climate: It’s a tropical area and is warm throughout the year. It cools off a bit during the monsoon season however it’s humid all year round, so carry your cotton clothes and an umbrella.

This is Kerala at its best! There is a lot waiting to be explored. Palakkad district is off the radar when it comes to tourism in Kerala but it has untouched nature, offbeat experiences, rich culture, and glorious history.

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