Inter Results Blunder: The Truth You Need To Know About What’s Really Happening


Something terrible has happened with the intermediate students of Telangana over the past few days regarding their board results and it’s so sad to know that students are going through so much even though they haven’t done any mistake. To understand, What, How & Why its sad.. You need to know the full story.

What actually happened ?

Ever since the Telangana intermediate results came out, there have been several blunder goof-ups in the results.

Blunders such as, showing directly ‘zero’ marks, failing in subjects, and even worse marking students ‘absent’ in the very exams they went and attended.

– 100s of students were marked ‘absent’ or ‘fail’ though they has attended the exam (and cleared it.)

– The subject name on the students’ marksheets in some cases is printed ‘wrongly’.


What happened later ?

So, obviously the students across the state panicked (Why wouldn’t they be?), came together, and protested against the inter board for this big of a blunder discrepancy.

The protest included students and their parents. And since the number of people protesting were high in number, the police involved and ‘dragged’ both the students and the parents protesting.

According to The News Minute, 12 students have lost their lives because of the irresponsible state of affairs.


Here’s a video of cops dragging a girl and her mother:


Why did the protests happen ?

A lot of students just actually wanted to apply for re-evaluation. But what turned out as yet another big problem was, They claim that the TSBIE website was not working. According to TSBIE, application for re-evaluation should be mandatorily submitted online. The last date for applying for re-evaluation is April 25. And hence, Panicked by this, several students had gathered and questioned the authorities.


What’s the Inter Board’s take on this ?

Intermediate board secretary Ashok had earlier audaciously said in his press meet that, ‘I’m challenging, we have not done any mistakes’. ‘We’re offering you an option of revaluation and recounting, what more do you want us to do?’

But it only took a few days for him to realise that the mistake is on their side. On Monday, again in a press meet, he admitted the ‘mistake’ and said that staff responsible for the blunders will be punished.

A lot of other things have also happened in the midst of these two press interviews by Ashok, The opposition parties have pointed out the goof-ups and criticised the work of Intermediate board secretary Ashok and the people responsible for this. Not just them, major student unions have also protested against this.


What’s government’s remedy to this problem ?

KTR along with the government has set up a 3 member committee panel, which includes Professor Vasan from BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad and Professor Nishanth of Indian Institute of Technology-Hyderabad, to look into the problem and had asked to submit a report in 3 days.


Our Word:

In this entire issue, the ones who are suffering are NOT the politicians, its the students, its the common people.

We hope with all our heart that, the students get their due justice as soon as possible and their lives become normal and peaceful.

Latest update: The government has extended the re-valuation date from 25th of this month to 27th.


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