20 Inspirational English Movies That Will Change The Way You Look At Life


Different things inspire different people. Some get inspired by books, some get inspired by speeches ssome by influencers. But there is one thing that inspires everyone, a ‘great cinema’. Cinema has the influence to imprint biggest learnings into our minds. Here are a list of few Hollywood movies that have power to change the way you look at life.


1. The Shawshank Redemption

It’s been more than 20 years since the movie came out, still the highest rated movie on IMDb Top 250


2. The Theory Of Everything

Life story of Stepehen Hawking. The explores the lesser known side of his life, and shows us his struggle.


3. Into The Wild

How a journey of self discovery teaches him a lesson that’s gonna change his life.


4. The Imitation Game

The story of birth of Enigma, a manchine that put an end to the biggest war our history has ever known, and the man behind it, Alan Turing. You’ll also see how society exploits the minds of greatest people by deceiving them.


5. 127 Hours

If your patience level is bad, watch this movie (can’t reveal more.)


6. Forrest Gump

20 Years after its release, ‘Run Forrest Run’ still gives us goosebumps.


7. Rocky Series

Wrestiling is not always physical, before you go onto stage and wrestle, you have to fight with many mental thoughts and decisions that’ll harder than the physical ones. Rocky Balboa exactly teaches you the same lesson.


8. Life Of Pi

Hope is something that becomes stronger with time. And sometimes in life, you never know with whom you’ll have to spend your life with. This movie prepares you to face even the worst of consequences with a smile.


9. Schindlers List

Still the best movie made on ‘Holocaust’ (killing of citizens, on basis of Religion, Ethnicity, and Political Status).


10. A Beautiful Mind

Schizophrenia is disorder that is not easy to deal with, especially when you are a great mathematician, whose work helps not just the university, but the coming generations.


11. The Green Mile

You never who’ll become your best friend until you meet him. You can never assume in conditions, and where you’ll meet him. Its all destined.


12. The Pianist

What could be the worse thing to lose when your entire country is at war ? What worse could you lose more than a family ?


13. The Help

Always treat every person you meet, with a smile and some respect (regardless of caste, creed, color and gender).


14. The Wolf Of Wall Street

Biopics are not always made on ‘good’ people. Jordan Belford was a sensation that gave nightmares to the people of Wall Street.


15. 12 Years a Slave

How it feels to be a literal ‘Slave’ of a person, who hates you from the bottom of his heart


16. The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

We all want to ‘escape’ from the responsiblities we have in lives. But can we ?


17. Cast Away

For how long can you love your family, when you’re away from them ?


18. The Pursuit of Happyness

How beautiful your life looks, when you start finding happiness in the smallest things.


19. The Social Network

The story of how a man (Mark Zuckerberg) trapped us in this unescapable mess called ‘Facebook’.


20. Whiplash

How far can would go for your ‘Passion’ ?


We are sure there are many more inspirational movies, tell us which changed your life.


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