These Brilliantly Captured Photos Of Hyderabad Public School Show Us True Grandeur Of The Wonderful School!


No matter how busy and stressful we are with our lives, one school memory is enough to bring a smile on our face. Many of us are scattered at different places across the globe citing work and study. But, for those who enjoyed their school days at the prestigious Hyderabad Public School of Begumpet, this will definitely hit you right in the feels and instantly take you back in time.

An alumni of the school, Ricken Desai, Photographer at Arotographers – visited the school to document. The shoot was for the batch of 1992 who celebrate their 25th year this year. He captured the school like never before – showing us its artistic beauty and telling the world why the school is so special for Hyderabad. Through his lens, Ricken not just captured the grandeur of the school, but also cherished memories of those thousand others in reliving their childhood days. What’s even more interesting is that none of these pictures were edited on Photoshop. The pictures of beautiful skies you see now were captured early in the morning. Checkout the photos:



































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