Check Out This Innovative Waste Management Service That Recycles And Reduces Huge Amounts Of Garbage From The Environment!


Solid waste management is a challenge for the cities authorities in developing countries mainly due to the increasing generation of waste. Nearly sixty million tons of garbage is generated, 45 million tons of untreated waste disposed of in an unhygienic manner every day; and about 0.34 kg waste generated by every person daily.
Formed by environmentally conscious people, Waste Venture of India provides Urban Waste Management solution includes professional doorstep collection of waste, scientific on-site processing of organic waste, and recycling of dry waste, reducing the waste out of the gate by up to 90%.



The Company collects waste in two types, one is Collection of recyclable waste only, another is Complete waste solution with collection of dry as well as organic waste. The 25-member strong organisation is currently working with 17,000 households in Hyderabad and claims to have prevented over 1,500 tons of waste from reaching landfills.



Their Recycling Pickup offers professional direct-to-doorstep recyclable for manufacturers, corporate campuses, housing societies and more. They collect items like paper and derivatives plastic, glass, Tetra Pak, metal, E-waste and even less common waste items such as motor oil! And they don’t collect hazardous waste, sanitary waste, cloth, wood.



Now they have launched Hyderabad’s first-EVER digital household recyclable pickup service, In toter you have book up a pick up, then you will be assigned by nearest toter agent and he will come and weigh your recyclables and he will give you cash according to the weight of waste.

You can book your slot at for recycling your waste.


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