Wasting Time In This Pandemic? Here Are 10 Useful, Informative Content Sites & Channels To Brush Your Skills

Today stands to be the creators’ day of India. Content creating, a lesser-known profession a decade ago and now social media has given a great platform to showcase ones talents and make a profession out of creating content. We now have millions of content creators across the world that had made a great living at the joy of doing something that we love.

Social media lo manaki kavali anukunta, inka avasaram ledhu anukunna all types of content untundhi ane vishayam telsindhe. Manaki chusi, navvukone content oka vaipu aitey, mana knowledge broad chesukodaniki, chala kotha kotha vishayalu telusukodaaniki unde content inkokavaipu. Today’s article is an appreciation and an informative article about the content pages that provide us knowledge about many things around the world.

Quanta Magazine

From mathematics to biology to computer science. This site has it all covered. Chala important inka interesting topics ni choose cheskoni, articles publish chestaru. There YouTube is also one of the popular ones. Here is one of interesting topics that they’ve explained about. Check out the link below and have a look at their website.



Mathematics ni entertainment tho combine chesi, difficult problems ni animations through simplify chesthu, chala manchi topics cover chestaru. So math lovers, this is for you.


This is one of the best sites to learn everything about Math and Science. The problem solving skills, software development, statistics and finance, they have it all covered on their site.



An element of truth. With a website that has the most exciting articles and videos on varioud topics of science and engineering and a YouTube channel with more than 10M subscribers where videos with great visuals are out.



Chemistry ni correct ga mana schools inka classes lo chala mandiki explain cheyyakapovadam tho, the subject hadn’t gotten more interest from the students. But to show that the subject is way more interesting, this YouTube channel has been started and now it has more than 3.41M subcribers.

Stuff Made Here

Engineering is awesome, is what the channel believes in. It creates increasingly complex things out of minimal things. Manushulaki engineering awesomeness, creating new things you will find in this channel.


As the name says, it’s all about Math. Its gives beautiful explaination to hard and beautiful math problems. A professor from Australia runs with channel and has gained a lot of of attention since the past 7 years.

Sabine Hossenfelder

Sabine, a physics enthusiast talks all about science where there is no hype and beating around the bush. It’s just straight up facts that come up every saturday on many interesting topics.

Yannic Kilcher

This YouTube page contains a lot od videos about machine learning research papers, programming.


This channel is one of the coolest ones in the YouTube space. Exploring all the deep spaces of the world, watching them, recording them, and explaining it.

Economics Explained

Chala interesting countries valla policies inka decisions oka economist point of view nunchi explain chestaaru.

Ila inka ee list lo chala manchi manchi channnels inka sites ni add cheyochu. Tell us in the comments below what is your favorite social media platform that has helped you gain a lot of knowledge.

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