What If… Avengers: Infinity War Had A Telugu Cast?!


We at Chai Bisket are huuuge fans of Avengers! And in the long while that it’s taking for Infinity War to release, we stumbled upon this crazy idea. Why wait, let us begin the proceedings!


1. Mahesh Babu as Captain America: Because he has the style and the looks to carry it off, and also he is old-school when it comes to values.


2. Prabhas as Thor: We seriously couldn’t imagine anyone else for the role. Only he has the physique and charm to carry the role with perfection.


3. Balayya as THE HULK! Just imagine Rana when he gets angry!

Note: Hulk is actually a graphical creation, but we seriously think it would be awesome if he could have the facial features of Balayya.. Anger chupinchadam lo balayya tharvathe evarainaa!


4. Tamannah as Black Widow: The hottest leading lady in Tollywood right now;  only she has those curves to pull it off!



5. Mohan Babu as Nick Fury: One should have lots of discipline to command this mighty army! *Respect*



6. Allu Arjun as Hawkeye: Sharp eyes, with loads of intensity. The picture says everything. Period.



7. Pawan Kalyan as Tony Stark/Iron Man: His attitude and his wicked comic sense make him the perfect suit for Iron Man’s suit! It’s not too tough to envisage him as the Genius-Billionaire-Playboy-Philanthropist!

avengers8 copy


8. Ravi Teja as Star Lord
Hobbies: Sarcasm.


9. Akhil as Spidey. Young, Energetic and Dynamic.


10. Rashi Khanna as Wanda. Beauty with brains.


11. And of course, as the official conformation. Rana as Thanos. No one can pull off such majestic character other than Rana.


These are what came to our mind when we thought of the idea. If you have other suggestions/inputs, feel free to comment below!


If you wish to contribute, mail us at admin@chaibisket.com


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