Hey Cricket Fans, Just Like How You Watched IPL. Watch India’s First 3*3 Basketball League


Every time when a topic of sports come we discuss about cricket, hockey, Kabaddi and in recent days football is also making a good buzz. But there is also a wonderful game called Basketball. Even if we don’t have cricket ground or any other ground in our college or school there will be a Basketball court for sure. But still not many show much interest in playing there. But in foreign lands basketball game has more fans just like how we like cricket. Some among us also like the Basketball game and watch international games. That’s the game where we see tall guys and girls who are almost fit dodging and shooting a basketball. And now for the first time in India, there is league called 3×3 Pro Basketball League (Indian Sub-Continent) Endorsed by FIBA that is being conducted all over the country.

3×3 Basketball is not what regular Basketball game looks like. Here every team will have 4 players of which 3 will be on the court playing. Only half part of Basketball court is used to play with one basket to shoot. Each game is for 10 minutes. With timeouts and small technical breaks, each game goes for 15 minutes. It will be Quick, Thrilling and Fun watching the big men moving on the half court. It can be played Mixed Gender (i.e; both Women and Men can play at once) or can be played single gender. It can be played both Indoor or Outdoor. This game is also being introduced in 2020 Olympics.

The Guys in Orange is Team Hyderabad Ballers.

As the IPL Season is done and this league will definitely give you some entertainment and as it is only a 10-minute game each you won’t need to hook to screens for longer hours. And most importantly Our Hyderabad team “Hyderabad Ballers” need some encouragement from you. They have won the two games played against Aizawl Legends and Bangalore Machas which was held on 22nd June 2018 in Round 2 of the league. They are playing a dominating game and going good in the league. We people watching the game would be an encouragement for team and this will also make the organizers to conduct it in better standards as the viewership increases.

22nd June 2018, Round 2, Day 1 Coverage:

League Schedule:

Round 2: Venue : Aizawl – Date: 22nd & 23rd June – From 6 PM.

Round 3: Venue : Kolkata – Date: 7th & 8th July

Round 4: Venue : Chennai – Date: 21st & 22nd July

Round 5: Venue : Bangalore – Date: 11th & 12th August

Round 6 (Final): Venue : Mumbai – Date: 25th & 26th August

List of Teams:

1. Hyderabad Ballers.

2. Ahmedabad Wingers.

3. Aizawl Legends.

4. Bangalore Machas.

5. Chennai Icons.

6. Chandigarh Beasts.

7. Delhi Hoopers.

8. Goa Snipers.

9. Jaipur Regals.

10. Kochi Knights.

11. Kolkata Warriors.

12. Mumbai Hustlers.

The Hyderabad Ballers team consists of Four players Aaditya Vikram Singh, Safhalya Patra,
Eban Hyams and Abhishek John. We also have Arvind Krishna (Hero who acted in movies like it’s my love story, Rushi(won Nandi Award in Best Actor Catergory), Premam (fiancé of Sithara character played by Shruti Haasan)) who will be available from Round 3 in Kolkata. He was named MVP (most valuable player) of many tournaments. He couldn’t make it for Round 2 as he will be playing for the “Hyderabad Tigers” at the 3×3 FIBA Asia Quest India Qualifiers to be held in Bengaluru this weekend( 23rd and 24th of June ). FIBA of Basketball is like ICC of cricket which conducts tournaments internationally.

Live streaming channel in YouTube from 6:00 PM with commentary :

Live Streaming from Official 3×3 BL Facebook Page

Rules Of Basketball:

1. Each team consists of three players and one substitute.

2. The game is played on a half-court, with one basket.

3. The basketball is unique to 3×3, and is used in all competitions, whether men’s, women’s, or mixed. Its circumference is that of the size 6 basketball (28.5 in, 720 mm) used in the women’s full-court game. However, its weight is that of the size 7 standard (22 oz, 620 g) used in the men’s full-court game.

4. A jump ball is not used to start the game. Instead, a coin toss is held immediately before the game. The winning team can choose to take possession of the ball at the start of the game, or take the first possession of a potential overtime period.

5. There are no jump balls at any time in the game; neither is there an alternating possession rule. In any held ball situation, the defensive team is granted possession.

6. Every successful shot inside the arc is awarded one point, while every successful shot behind the arc is awarded two points.

7. The game is a single period of 10 minutes with sudden death at 21 points. The winner is the first team to score 21 or the team with the highest score at the end of the 10 minutes. A tie in regulation leads to an untimed overtime period, which is won by the first team to score two points in overtime. Note that if a game is tied at 20 at the end of regulation, reaching 21 does not end the game.

8. Game play starts with the defensive team exchanging the ball with the offensive team behind the arc. This exchange is also used to restart the game from any dead ball situation. If a foul is committed that results in the non-fouling team retaining possession — i.e., a technical or “unsportsmanlike” foul (the latter essentially the same as the “flagrant foul” of North American rule sets) — the non-fouling team will receive the exchange.

9. A 12-second shot clock is used.

10. If the defense gains possession of the ball within the arc, by a steal, a block or a rebound, the team must move the ball behind the arc before being allowed to take a shot.

11. After a made goal or free throw (except for technical or unsportsmanlike fouls and team fouls 10 or more), play restarts with a player from the non-scoring team taking the ball directly under the basket and then dribbling or passing it to a point behind the arc. The defense is not allowed to play for the ball inside the block/charge semi-circle under the basket.

12. The only common feature between the substitution procedure in full-court and 3×3 is that it can occur only in a dead ball situation. In 3×3, a substitute can only enter from behind the end line opposite the basket, and the substitution becomes official once the player leaving the game has made physical contact with the substitute. Unlike the full-court game, no action from referees or table officials is required.

13. Each team is allowed one timeout (The officials may still stop the game in case of player injury or other dangerous situations, as in the standard FIBA rules).

14. Individual personal foul counts are not kept. In other words, players cannot be disqualified on the basis of personal fouls. However, a player who commits two unsportsmanlike fouls is disqualified.

15. Fouls during the act of shooting inside the arc are awarded 1 free throw, whilst fouls during the act of shooting behind the arc are awarded 2 free throws. However, team fouls 7, 8 and 9 are awarded two free throws, whilst team fouls 10 or more are awarded two free throws and possession of the ball.

16. Technical fouls (including unsportsmanlike fouls) result in two free throws plus possession of the ball.

Here’s a video by FIBA about rules:


You will see more action in future from Hyderabad team. Hope you watch and encourage our team from your place just like you did for Sunrisers Hyderabad during IPL and for Telugu Titans during PKL.


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