Benefits Everyone Should Know About Our Desi/Indian Cow Milk and Ghee


Desi/Indian Cows gurinchi manalo chala mandhiki saraina avagahana ledhu. So, iroju manam mana Indian cows (aavulu) and vati products gurinchi teluskundham. Desi aavu palalo enno manchi gunalu untay, viti lo unde A2 protien valla vitini A2 milk ani kooda untaru.
Firstly, Indian Cows ki, Jersey Cows ki madhya difference ento teluskundham. Mana India cows anni prakruthi ki daggara ga, mana climatic conditions ki alavatu ayi, vatiki vese fodder batti develop avthay. Jersey breed UK lo unde Jersey Island nunchi prapancham motham export aina breed. Yelanti vathavaranam lo aina set avvagaligi, milk ni ekkuva quantity lo produce chesthay. Indian cows have long horns and big humps whereas the jersey cows don’t have.


1. Cow Milk
Indian cows milk lo A2 beta-casein untadhi, idhi oka rakamaina Amino acid.
Adhe jersey cows milk ni A1 milk antaru, viti lo beta-casein undadhu. Regular cow milk lo A1 protein, BCM-7, morphine lanti padardhalu untay. Ivanni long term lo human health ni affect chesthay. A1 milk lo unde chemical residents valla stomach ache, bloating, inflammation lanti problems oche avakasalu ekkuva unay.

Desi cow milk (A2) lo unde medical qualities chala upayogakaram – doctors kooda pregnant women, kids, diabetics and heart patients ki vitini tagamani suggest chestharu. Also, the urine and dung of desi cow is valuable as it can be used as insecticide and manure respectively. Indian cow also have traces of gold in urine – report by the Junagadh Agricultural University.


Desi Milk lo unde A2 protein valla advantages ekkuva. A2 milk lo calcium content undadam tho teeth and bones ki chala upayogapadthundhi. Body ki kavalsina healthy fat ivvadam ye kakunda, ee milk lo etuvanti harmful chemicals undavu. Andhuke pillalaki ekkuva suggest chestharu. Vitamins A and B pillala perugudhalalo help chesthay. Desi cow milk tagadam valla healthy weight ni maintain cheyagalgutham and diabetes, high blood pressure lantivi rakunda untay.

The dung of the Indian cows contains more microbes and micronutrients approximately 85-90% whereas the Jersey cow contains 50-60% only. Andhuke Indian cow dung organic farming lo baga vadutharu, vati composition valla short time lo manchi results osthay.


Cow Ghee
Digestion lo Cow ghee chala help chesthundhi. Mana stomach lo unde Gastric acid ni boost chesi digestion process ni effective ga work ayyela chesthundhi. Cow Ghee is sourced from grass-fed cows, therefore it has a good presence of K2, butyric acid and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). Ee natural fatty acids ki anti-cancer, anti-oxidant properties undadam valla mana immune system ki balam chekurchi, weight loss lo help chestadhi.

Balances VATA, PITTA & KAPHA in the body
Ayurveda prakaram, cow ghee lo unde rare substances Vata, Pitta, Kapha a(bodytypes) ni manage chesi aging ni slow down chestadhi.

Heals and Nourishes Body
Cow Ghee lo unde vaidhya gunalu chala ekkuva. Andhuke, skin burns ki, sunburns ki cow ghee apply chesthuntaru. Mana peddhollu eppudu chepthuntaru, cow ghee ni hair ki apply chesukomani, it helps to cure dryness and relieves flaky scalps. It is always recommended since it is considered a great moisturizer that not only heals skin but also cracked lips and heels.


Thanks to the Young Dairy Farmer Kalyan Pavan (9550700020) for his wonderful inputs.


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