India Jumps From 150th To 1st Place In Terms Of Mobile Broadband Usage, All Thanks To Jio!


India has now become the leading mobile data using country in the world with the usage more than 100 crores gigabytes (GB) of data per month, which is more than the broadband data of USA and China said Mukesh Ambani.

In a recently held conference he stated that Jio users consumed more than 100 crores of data, that is nearly 3.3 crore GB per day. According to reports, Jio consumers make more than 200 crore minutes of voice and video calls which makes Jio officially the largest mobile video network globally.

Jio users consume as much mobile data as the entire USA and 50% more mobile data than China, it was also announced that the company is planning to double its existing data capacity for its users.

Jio also has more than double the number of 4G base stations when compared with other Indian mobile operators all together.

With more than 10 million users across the state, Andhra Pradesh tops the list of highest number of Jio users in our country .


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