Different Fields Where India Holds Edge Over Foreign Countries


Contributed by Naresh Goud

Recently there a was news of 129 Indians who were arrested for Visa fraud in U.S.A. Mana vallu ikkada edi ledano akkada edo undano velli ala paatlu padatuntaru. Mari India lo ne undi emi cheyagalam. Skill anedi ekkadanna upayogame, mari India ekkada skill infusion kavali ante:


1. Food:

Food is one of the best reflection of our culture and nativity. So ippudu India lo inni varied cultures and geographical landscapes valla manaki roju vari thindi padardalu vividha rakalu untayi. Idhi ye country lo normal ayyina India lo matram food is good and affordable. Any typical person ki aina different cuisines ni try cheyalani untundi. Mana dheggara aithey cheyyi tiruguthey chalo…Annadata Sukhibhava antaru.


2. Tourism:

Yes, okkasari foreign countries lo manakanna ekkuva infrastructure vundi ani
oppukundam. Kani manadesham lo unna architecture and historic and geographical value ni tap chestey, manaku easily weekend vacations ki kodhuva undadhu. Oka hectic working schedule unna person ki affordable and short vacations much needed. With growing trend of travel love, new social alliances, if you could serve the needed information, Bang!!


3. Teaching Faculty:

Yes, India lo literacy rate thakkuva, alage working age ekkuva. Mana vallaki maname chaduva cheppukunte mana desham lo common sense thakkuva enduku untundhi andi. Tutors and subject experts ki mathram galli- galli lo demand undi. ‘Mana vallu, Mana valla kosam, Mana valla tho.’


4. Startup Industry:

Yeah… ‘Make in India’ entha varaku successful ayyindho ledho pakkana pedithe, every year lakhs of graduates tho edaina oka concept ni develop chesi market lo pedithe ups and downs ayina it will be an enduring experience and earning. To mention some facts, some of these startups were acquired by big tech giants. Yes, manaku oka roju vastundi…manki oka Google untundi.


5. Agriculture:

With good government policies and startup in agrarian business, this could be
the booming business shortly, and considering the fact that ‘Indian Agri products’ are much in demand abroad and the huge manpower available. One field that has labour and machinery available, but participation is lacking. Oka sari skilful manpower tho scientific adaptation thodu aithe, lakhs turnover undachu.


6.Life Skills Coaching:

Its known that with huge number of passing out students, finishing school. Coaching would be much needed to horn their soft skills and make them industry ready.People, who worked earlier or foreign return might have a great potential to explore this area.


7. Marketing:

If you could convince a tenth of people in India with the varied mindset people
posses here, which would be quite challenging to convince to purchase a product or rendering a service. Recent developments suggest this area has a huge potential in greatest of business.


8. Film making:

India has most number of film releases in the world. And with multiple platforms
such as Prime and Netflix ,content creators have a penetrable market with offbeat and varied to serve audience besides movies. In fact, people enhance their skills in ad film industry before entering mainstream cinema.


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