From Flag Hoisting To Maha Lacto Chocolates, 14 Best School Independence Day Memories


School memories can only be sweet. Anything that takes us back to those days are wonderful. And Chai Bisket in the course of conversation realized that Independence Day too had given some incredibly similar memories to all of us. So let’s discuss how the flow of the Independence Day Celebrations happened in our childhood in our schools. We believe that it was more or less the same for most of us. Take a look!


The entire process begins with bunking classes for decoration and/or practice 2 days prior to the event. Our very first official bunks in life were the result of these events.




And on the day of the event early ga ochi Incharges daggara flag claim cheskovali. But kontha mandi rich kids get their own fancy metal flags from home. They are the elite crowd.




Once the bell rings, line formation modalavthndi! PT sirs hadavidi, baga dress up ayyi ochina teachers, eppudu lenantha neat ga ochina students; everyone fall into line.




Next is march past of the school cabinet and the NCC bunch with Princi. Normal marching kadu, Slow march because everybody hasn’t been trained as Cadets.




Quick Flag hoisting by Principal: The Principal uncomfortably pulls the string for hoisting the flag, and the flag gets stuck midway and then the PT sir has to do it right so that the flowers fall. Every. Time.


Somehow the falling flowers were the highlight of the event. No one blinks in that moment.




Cue to Vande Mataram song by the choir girls. Chaala uncomfortable ga start cheyyala odda ani doubt ga modalayyi, tarvata motham school join avthndi to sing the National Song. It is kind of beautiful, you know.


vande maataram


Intro Dance: There’s always that one girl in school who knows classical dance and she begins the event. Most probably Shruti Neevu song from Swathi Kiranam.




More Dancing: This one is most certainly one of these two songs (or both)- Meme Indians from Khadgam, Maa Tujhe Salaam of Rahman.




Patriotic song by the school choir (read as the popular girls). Bonus lo you might get a patriotic song by one of the teachers as well.




More patriotic songs and dances by primary/ pre-primary school children: Because we need to teach little kids the importance of participation.




Prize Distribution: Sports Day lo jarigina competitions ki prize lu anni Independence Day roju line ga pilichi istharu. With a lame redundant music in the background.




Principal Speech: Idi prathi year same untundi. We all know what he or she is going to be speaking about. And yet we wait patiently… for the best part, the chocolates/sweets.




Kani mundu national anthem paadali fasht ga. But when the “Jaya He” part comes, the entire school becomes a megaphone!


goodshepherdinternational school


Sweets thinesam. Event aipoindi, now you are meant to go home. But NO! We hang around with the gang, either in school premises with the cool teachers or outside at the galli chivara shop, or at the nearest friend’s house.



(Not ones like these though. All we got was a clever mix of mixture and doodh peda. :P)


This is what we observed to be every Independence Day ever in our schools. Did we miss something? Or were you from some fancy school that did more fancy things in Independence Day?? Maatho share cheskondi enchakka!


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